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    Downloads: 356
    Polymer and Polymer Processing Polymer and Polymer Processing
    Downloads: 931
    Polymer Chemistry Colloid and Polymer Science - a leading international journal of longstanding tradition - is devoted to colloid and polymer science and its ...
    Downloads: 555
    Introduction to polymers Introduction to polymers
    Downloads: 1067
    Biochemistry Macromolecules, Proteins, Amino Acids Biochemistry Macromolecules, Proteins, Amino Acids. Introduction to Biochemistry. Most biologically important macromolecules are polymers,
    Downloads: 295
    Biomolecules Amino Acids, Peptides, and Protein Proteins and peptides are amino acid polymers in which the individual amino acid units, called residues, are linked together by amide bonds, ...
    Downloads: 1697
    BASIC POLYMER CHEMISTRY Highly ordered = crysalline (translucent to opaque) example is HDPE; Random arrangements = amorphous (clear) example is LDPE; Depends partly on polymer ...
    Downloads: 482
    Polymer-based solar cells Low energy calculators; Battery chargers; Electrical feeders; Charging backpacks . Vs Silicon cells. Advantages:. Cheaper (about one-tenth); Environment ...
    Downloads: 687
    Polymer Processing Polymer Processing . References. Billmeyer* Ch. 17, 18; Elias** Ch. 14 *Textbook of ... Dry Spun Acetate
    Downloads: 1345
    Nanotechnology SEM IMAGE OF NANOPOROUS POLYMER TEMPLATE . Array Period = 24 nm . Pore Diameter = 14 nm . MW = 42,000 . PS/PMMA

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