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    Acute Kidney Injury Dopamine; Low dose Dopamine (2-3mcg/kg/min), known as “renal dose” No effect on mortality or need for Renal replacement therapy
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    Massive Blood Transfusion As a result, metabolic alkalosis can occur if the renal ischemia or underlying renal disease prevents the excess bicarbonate from being excreted in the ...
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    Experience of implementation of standardized trauma treatment Experience of implementation of standardized trauma treatment methodology Advanced Trauma Life Support ® courses (ATLS ®) in Lithuania . Salvijus Milašius
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    CIRI-CIRI UTAMA TRAUMA CIRI-CIRI UTAMA TRAUMA © Lesson 9-1 . Ciri-ciri utama trauma meliputi dua hal — Perasaan tak berdaya Perasaan tak terkendali
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    Renal Function Tests an overview. renal function tests- Slides
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    Acute Renal Failure renal failure- Slides
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    Renal Tubular Acidosis Renal Tubular Acidosis
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    Renal cell Carcinoma PowerPoint Presentation on Renal cell Carcinoma
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    Initial Trauma Care resuscitation PowerPoint Presentation on Initial Trauma Care & resuscitation
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    ACQUIRED BLEEDING DISORDERS ... conditioning factors Replace deficient factors Triggers Infection, Fetus, Trauma Conditioning factors Hypoxia O2 Acidosis HC03
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