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Core Health Indicators Rheumatic fever and Rheumatic heart diseases cases and deaths. v Cerebrovascular disease cases and deaths v Hypertension cases and deaths
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Rheumatic Heart Disease ANES 403 - Anesthesiology Research; BIOM 403 - Medical Computing and Medical Informatics; DERM 402 - Research in Dermatology; ERMD 405 - Research Topics in Emergency ...
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Intuitive Surgical ... Causes myxomatous prolapse -- also called “floppy valve” Heart attack Causes ischemic prolapse -- damage during heart attack . Rheumatic fever
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Hypertension Management for Elderly Patients 32 Especially among older persons, SBP is a better predictor of events (coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, heart failure, stroke, end-stage renal disease ...
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... Diabetes and Heart Disease Congenital Heart Defects CVD/ Stroke in Afr ... Diabetes and Heart Disease Congenital Heart Defects CVD/ Stroke in African Americans and other ethnic groups Strategies to Understand and Treat Heart Failure ...
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Grown-up Congenital Heart Disease Adult Congenital Heart disease few cardiologists start their training with the idea of becoming a GUCH doctor It is a problem for the dept Pediatric Cardiology

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