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The human immune system The immune response starts with an antigen approaching a cell of the immune system, The B cell’s receptor protein (an IgM) binds to the antigen,
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Viruses and Bacteria That is a crude cell, it is not a virus because viruses are protein containers with DNA cores Viruses grown on chicken embryos are attenuated vaccines
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CHAPTER 15 CELL COMMUNICATION The Three Largest Classes of Cell-Surface Receptor Proteins. Intracellular signalling networks transmit signals from cell surface to nucleus. Relay proteins
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Lung cancer Squamous cell carcinoma (epidermoid carcinoma) Variant: · Spindle cell carcinoma ; B. Small-cell carcinoma · Oat cell carcinoma · Intermediate cell type
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Fish Nutrition and Feeding Protein fed to protein gain is similar among fish, birds, and mammals; Fish, 0.36 g protein gain/g protein fed; Chicken, 0.33 g protein gain/g protein fed; Beef, 0.15 ...
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OSMOSIS Osmosis in Plant Cells . Normal Red Onion Cells . Plasmolysed Red Onion Cells
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Cell Discovery amp Cell Theory Cell Discovery & Cell Theory
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Paroxysmal Nocturnal Hemoglobinuria PNH Results in clones lacking GPI anchor - in turn, attached proteins ... PNH blood cells deficient in GPI anchor lack membrane proteins linked via the anchor ...
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Antibiotics inhibiting Protein Synthesis Describes antibiotics that act via inhibiting bacterial protein sythesis- Slides

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