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    General Knowledge e.g., vehicles: car, truck, tractor, sled vegetable: carrots, beets, eggplant clothing: shirt, sweater, vest
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    MECHANISMS OF AUTOIMMUNITY Determinants of infectious agent mimic a host antigen and trigger self-reactive T-cell SLE due Epstein-Barr virus cross reactive with nuclear Sm antigen
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    Inflammatory vs Non-inflammatory arthritis Migrating arthritis:causes . Rheumatic fever; Gonococcal infection; Meningococcal infection; Viral arthritis; SLE; Acute leukemia; Palindromic rheumatism
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    SLED IHD versus CRRT CRRT Do not account for longer filter life with RCA (47hr); Do not account for need for 41 extra filter replacements for SLED (25% clotted); Assume one dialysis ...
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    Systemic Lupus Erythematosus SLE Mild cases: supportive care, aspirin, NSAIDs; Antimalarial drugs for skin and arthritic manifestations; Severe cases: high-dose corticosteroid, ...
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    Fundamental of Fiber Optics ASE source; EELED; SLED. LED spectrum. ASE spectrum. Fiber Coupler. Definition: an optical device that combines or splits power from optical fibers ...
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    ANA Negative SLE However, ANA may be negative at the start of the disease and after a period, that may reach up to 4 years, it may convert into positive.

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