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    The Recent Progress of The Study on Gene Therapy Delivery of viral vectors in combination with hyperosmotic mannitol, resulting in limited transduction and transgene expression in rodents ...
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    Plasmids and Vectors The inclusion of polylinkers into plasmid vectors; Polylinker is a tandem array of restriction endonuclease sites in a very short expanse of DNA
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    Blind Source Separation PCA and ICA Like Fourier, we decompose into components by transforming the observations into another vector space which maximises the separation between interesting ...
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    Statistical analysis One-way analysis of variance and Bonferroni post-test Statistical analysis: One-way analysis of variance and Bonferroni post-test, Mann Whitney test and Student’s t test. Infradiaphragmatic aortic stenosis
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    Structural Equation Modeling Workshop Family Tree of SEM . Defining SEM “a melding of factor analysis and path analysis ...
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    DNA fingerprinting DNA fingerprinting. La molecola del DNA possiede caratteristiche che consentono di differenziare i diversi individui; Queste differenze vengono utilizzate
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    DNA Fingerprinting ... disputes, and also in breeding programs in a number of zoos and conservation centers to establish family relationships within captive colonies of endangered species of animals ...

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