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    by: Alley

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    1 : 5 Things That Make a Website Design Effective
    2 : Bestowment Relevance Simplicity User-friendliness TETO (Your knight in shining armour!) If the users (or the visitors, if you put it that way) don’t like your design, it’s not good. No two ways about it. Having said that, given below are 5 different things that can help you create a design that, well, may help you strike a chord with the users:
    3 : Bestowment Bestow the control on them who visits your site more than once. For making them feel that they are at the helm of affairs, avoid pop ups. Leave alone the visitors, even you want to be able to go back to the page you just visited with a single click or two may be.
    4 : Relevance  It’s true that the site may be an attempt to make money, but a site with too many ads is a big turn-off, maybe not for you (since you’d be busy counting the monies!), but for the visitors. It should come as no surprise that they visit your site for content. Ads are something they tolerate.  Don’t test their patience, unless you don’t mind losing them to a competing site.
    5 : Simplicity Keep things simple for all age group of person. It may sound clichéd, but the moment you make the visitors think, they are likely to make an early exit.  Everything has to be self-explanatory. 
    6 : User-friendliness Put yourself in the visitors’ shoes.
    7 : Right Content At The Right Place You hire yourself a writer, who let’s say, provides you with some really catchy content for your site. If the visitors need to scroll down, chances are that many of them won’t. Sad but true. If your content is above the fold, well, you have already increased the effectiveness of your design.
    8 : Limited Number Of Pages The more the better – that’s something we swear by, but truth be told, excess of everything is bad. Designing 10 different pages, that’s totally understandable, but think from the users’ perspective. Make your design more effective. 
    9 : Right Colour Scheme Use fewer colours unless of course the content or the nature of the business for that matter calls for more. Play with words, if you may, but don’t play with colours, period. you need to make your site more colourful, try using different shades of the same colour. 
    10 : TETO Here’s your answer: what looks like an effective design to you may have its share of problems and issues. Just don’t do it too late, when you can’t do much and may not be able to make changes, if the need be. Do it whenever you can, even it means testing the design right in the very beginning.
    11 : Here’s an example:
    12 : Now let’s see what may happen if you test the design when it’s nearing completion:
    13 : It’s also worth mentioning that testing is in fact, an iterative process.  You test your design, find some errors and fix them. How can you be sure that the design is now error-free? You need to test again. There may be problems that you might have missed during the first round of testing. Finding them is equally important.
    14 :

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