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    by: Rogers

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    1 : JOBTALKS A Career Education Plan Indiana UniversityKelley School of Business Contents used in this presentation are adapted from Career Planning Strategies and used with the permission of the author.
    2 : A Career Education Plan
    3 : Career Search Strategies AnAcademic Class in Career Search Strategies
    4 : CAREER PLANNING STRATEGY Graduate Study? Accepted Job? Foreign Employment? International Options? Entrepreneurial? Follow Significant Other?
    5 : Career Planning Strategies IMPLEMENTING: A Reality Test THEORY BASED: Assess – Explore – Search REALITY: Action through Career Education Course How do your competencies relate to the real career marketplace?
    6 : College to Career Transition Lectures Practitioner Panels Laboratory (your career center staff) Written Projects (creating relevant content)
    7 : Course Structure: Lectures Length: Typical lectures for semester Topics: Coincide with textbook chapter headings Instruction Leaders: Faculty, Professional Practitioners, Career Center Staff SCOOPS: Panels of Professionals Career Center Workshops: Optional
    8 : Course Structure Style: Group discussions and lectures on career topics Length: Normal Class Length Leaders: Faculty and professional guest experts Format: Short PowerPoints and panels Audience: Students-faculty-practitioners-career center staff
    9 : Selected Career Topics Mock Interviews Interview Techniques Web-based Searching Presentation Skills Dress for Success Cover Letters Communication Skills Career Options Graduate School Listening Skills Informational Interviews Networking Leadership Tools Interview Selection Resume Preparation Behavioral Interviews Career Fair Preparation Job Lead Prospecting Many others…
    10 : Career Center As Laboratory Counseling by Career Center staff Available Anytime Discuss projects and career portfolio Lab take-away value: Activity-based learning Weekly guidance and advice Supplements Classroom Learning
    11 : Study Method Each Week: Lecture –Practitioner Panels Assignments: Project Submission READING: Textbook and Online Articles PORTFOLIO: Career Search Tools RESULT: HIGH Retention and Lifelong Use Of Content and Materials
    12 : Grade Planning for A Top Grade Attend every lecture time (including professional practitioner SCOOPS) Complete at least 8 projects at satisfactory level
    13 : Read Syllabus Schedule Each Week Read syllabus before each class Meet with your career counselor every week at the career center Select workshop topics to attend each week Use career center for jobs Complete class projects regularly
    14 : If you would like to learn more, Career Planning Strategies textbook will supply additional information on this topic.

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