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    by: Rogers

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    1 : CERT Animal Response I
    2 : Animal Response I 1 Module Purpose The purpose of this module is to teach CERT members emergency preparedness for animal owners and how to recognize specific animal behaviors.
    3 : CERT Animal Response II 2 Animal Categories This module covers the following animal categories: Household pets and domesticated animals Service animals For-profit animals Non-commercial livestock Wildlife Exotic animals
    4 : Animal Response I 3 What You Will Learn Animal Issues in Emergency Management Animal-Related Emergency Management Functions Disaster Planning for Animals General Animal Behavior Preview of CERT Animal Response II
    5 : Animal Response I 4 Module Objectives Explain why animal issues are an important consideration in emergency management Demonstrate knowledge of animal-related emergency management functions Explain emergency preparedness for animal owners Describe general guidelines for handling animals
    6 : Animal Response I 5 Importance of Animal Issues
    7 : Animal Response I 6 Animal-Related Emergency Functions
    8 : Animal Response I 7 Disaster Planning for Your Animals
    9 : Animal Response I 8 CERTs should prepare by: Identifying potential hazards Mitigating the impact of hazards Creating a disaster plan Assembling disaster supplies Participating in training and exercises Knowing your community’s disaster response plan Preparing for a Disaster
    10 : Animal Response I 9 What types of disasters could occur in your community? Natural Technological Terrorist How could a disaster affect your animals? Identifying Potential Hazards
    11 : Animal Response I 10 Reducing the impact of disasters Making changes that protect properties or facilities Examples: Encourage animal facilities to relocate out of disaster-prone areas Encourage animal facilities to have emergency plans, including evacuation plans Encourage livestock owners to develop plans to remove animals when flooding is a threat Mitigating the Impact of Hazards
    12 : Animal Response I 11 Preparing to Evacuate Your Pet/Service Animal Preparing to Stay at Home With Pets/Service Animals During a Disaster Pet/Service Animal Care After a Disaster Preparations for Livestock Special Considerations for Exotic Animals Creating a Disaster Plan for Animals
    13 : Animal Response I 12 Identify where you will stay if evacuated Plan your evacuation routes Update vaccinations and identification tags Gather evacuation supplies Make a plan for evacuating without your pet Preparing to Evacuate Your Pet/Service Animal
    14 : Animal Response I 13 Bring pets inside Have newspaper on hand Be aware that animals may isolate themselves if afraid Separate dogs and cats Separate smaller pets away from cats and dogs Preparing to Stay at Home with Pets/Service Animals
    15 : Animal Response I 14 Animal behavior may change after a disaster Leash pets for the first few days Displaced wildlife may pose a threat to pets Downed power lines are another hazard Caring for Pets and Service Animals After a Disaster
    16 : Animal Response I 15 Ensure all animals have identification Have an evacuation plan Relocate on property Transport animals to safe site Evacuation sites should be prepared for livestock If not evacuating, identify safest shelter Take precautions in severe cold weather Making Preparations for Livestock
    17 : Animal Response I 16 Owners should have a plan to secure animals during emergencies Exotics may need to be separated from other animals Exotics may need to be registered with authorities Special Considerations for Exotic Animals
    18 : Animal Response I 17 Evacuation Checklist For pets/service animals For livestock Shelter-in-Place Checklist For pets/service animals For livestock Post information for emergency personnel on your property Assembling a Disaster Supply Kit
    19 : Animal Response I 18 What do these animals have in common? Grouping Animals
    20 : Animal Response I 19 Characteristics of Predator Animals Vision Feet Teeth Instincts
    21 : Animal Response I 20 What do these animals have in common? Grouping Animals
    22 : Animal Response I 21 Characteristics of Prey Animals Vision Feet Teeth Instincts
    23 : Animal Response I 22 Breeding species for desired characteristics Domesticated animal behavior Domesticated animals may revert to instinctive behavior Predator animals may chase and attack Prey animals may run or hide Animal Domestication
    24 : Animal Response I 23 Increasing Aggression Dog Facial Expressions Increasing Fear
    25 : Animal Response I 24 Dog Body Language
    26 : Animal Response I 25 Dog Body Language (cont’d)
    27 : Animal Response I 26 Dog Body Language (cont’d)
    28 : Animal Response I 27 Dog Body Language (cont’d)
    29 : Animal Response I 28 Dog Body Language (cont’d)
    30 : Animal Response I 29 Dog Body Language (cont’d)
    31 : Animal Response I 30 Cat Body Language
    32 : Animal Response I 31 Cat Body Language (cont’d)
    33 : Animal Response I 32 Horses Instincts Senses Behavior Body language Cattle Bovines Bulls Tips Swine Horses, Cattle, and Swine
    34 : Animal Response I 33 Identifying Animal Behavior
    35 : Animal Response I 34 Identifying Animal Behavior (cont’d)
    36 : Animal Response I 35 Identifying Animal Behavior (cont’d)
    37 : Animal Response I 36 Identifying Animal Behavior (cont’d)
    38 : Animal Response I 37 Identifying Animal Behavior (cont’d)
    39 : Animal Response I 38 Identifying Animal Behavior (cont’d)
    40 : Animal Response I 39 Identifying Animal Behavior (cont’d)
    41 : Animal Response I 40 Preview of Animal Response II
    42 : Animal Response I 41 Come back for Animal Response II to learn: Your role as a CERT member responding to animal issues How to protect yourself during animal encounters Knowledge and skills for CERT functions involving animals Preview of Animal Response II (cont’d)
    43 : Animal Response I 42 In this module, we reviewed: Animal Issues in Emergency Management Animal-Related Emergency Management Functions Preparedness for Your Animals General Animal Behavior Module Summary

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