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    by: Abdul

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    1 : Dr. Abdul Rao Insights On Initiating H1N1 Vaccination Drive
    2 : Dr. Abdul Rao, the Chief Executive Officer and Chief Research Officer of The Institute of Women’s Health of North America. The institute collaborated with FloridaSHOTS under his Directorship to initiate a 2009 H1N1 Influence virus vaccination program in all six affiliated campuses in Florida.
    3 : This opportunity was availed by the residents in Broward, Hillsborough, Marion, Orange and adjoining counties that availed this opportunity and got vaccinated against 2009 H1N1 Influence virus. Looking at the situation, Dr. Abdul Rao had said, “Given the urgency of this matter and the endemic nature of this disease
    4 : The Institute mobilized a rather expansive infrastructure to effectively implement this program.” In 2009 alone, over 10,000 patients died from H1N1 Influenza virus complications. Dr. Abdul Rao has been aiming to create awareness among people about the criticality of this deadly disease.
    5 : To continue to enhance the outreach and effectiveness of this vaccination program, The Institute of Women’s Health of North America is working very closely with the relevant county health departments and community-based organizations. The institute and its affiliated campuses offer hundreds of vaccines,
    6 : Which are still available, on a walk-in basis to all men, women and children over the age of four (4) years. Evening and weekend hours are also available for the convenience of the people. To help people make an informed decision, knowledgeable staff at each affiliated campuses are also available.
    7 : About Dr. Abdul Rao Dr. Abdul S. Rao did his medical degree from Dow Medical University, Karachi, Pakistan, in 1983. After completing his residency training in Orthopedic Surgery, Abdul Rao joined the Department of Physiology, Boston University School of Medicine and graduated in 1989 with a M.A., in Physiology.
    8 : He completed a year of post-doctoral Research Fellowship in the Department of Neurology, Harvard Medical School. Dr. Abdul Rao joined the Nuffield Department of Surgery, University of Oxford, Oxford, UK, as a Clinical Instructor from 1990-1993. He graduated from the University of Oxford with a D.Phil., (Doctor of Philosophy) in Transplantation Immunology in 1993.

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