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    by: georgie

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    2 : What is Acupuncture Acupuncture has been used since ages. It is a popular form of Chinese medicines that is becoming popular now. This treatment uses thin needles to unblock certain channels that will regulate the flow of your energy naturally throughout the body and stimulates the points. Acupuncture is becoming increasingly valued in Australia as a safe, effective and drug-free option for enhancing health and well-being during pregnancy
    3 : Acupuncture and Pregnancy Acupunture and pregnancy go hand in hand.It helps in common ailments like: Morning sickness Nausea Labour induction Breech babies Pain relief in labour
    4 : Fertility support Acupuncture has proven as a boon for infertility solutions since decades. It can help increasing fertility by reducing stress levels which is a major factor resulting in infertility and regularizing blood flow to the reproductive organs by increasing chances for egg to nourish properly. Various fertility drugs are also available in the market but they can lead to some side effects while acupuncture does not cause any side effects.
    5 : Using Acupunture for Labour induction Acupunture helps in inducing labour naturally without using drugs. Acupunture kickstarts the process of labour which thereby reduces the medication required to induce labour. The best thing is that it is drug free so there are no side effects. It also reduces the chances of a caesarean. By stimulating the correct points, acupuncture can reduce the pain and boost energy during delivery. It also reduces the medicines required for anti-pain.
    6 : Acupunture for Morning Sickness and Nausea Morning sickness and nausea are common symptoms of pregnancy especially in initial stages that acupunture can help you to deal with. Morning sickness and nausea happen because of imbalance of certain hormones in the body. It is said that acupunture stimulates the release of natural chemicals in the body that can block pain and increase energy levels and stamina. Acupuncture hardly has any side effects in the body and is an effective solution for woman during pregnancy
    7 : Post-birth care Acupunture also helps the mother to deal better with post-birth problems like anxiety, pain, siatica and back pain. It also brings back the energy levels of the mother as she goes through lot of stress during delivering the baby. It is very important to chose a right experienced doctor for acupuncture treatment.

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