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    by: shivaramunique

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    1 : By t.shiva kumar b.pharm( vitamins
    2 : HISTORY In ancient days vitamins are known as vitamines i.e viatal amino acids. But later they realised that all the vitamins are not aminoacids. Some vitamins are amino acids but all the amino acids are not viatamins.
    3 : Each vitamin has its own significant historical background. H.J. funk has coined the term vitamns. Even though vitamins are very less in requirement but they play very significant role in our body growth , and regulation of different metabolic functions.
    4 : Introduction Vitamins are the organic compounds which enhance the metabolism of protiens, carbohydrates and fats. Without vitamins the breakdown of food could not occur. Certain vitamins are participate in the formation of blood cells hormones nervous system and genetic material

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