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    by: Prabhu

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    1 : All You Need To Know About Cisco CCNP Voice Certification
    2 : Networkers Guru has been awarded as "Best Cisco Training Company in North India 2014" by earth research organization
    3 : Voice technologies now play a greater role in the current networking world. For that reason, every IT professional needs to have at least some information about voice technology.
    4 : As an IT professional, you should realize that such certifications are what many employers are looking for nowadays before hiring IT specialists in their companies. You need to maximize your career potential? Get any of the Cisco certification so you learn the crucial information about routers and switches.
    5 : Among the several specialization areas by Cisco is the Cisco Voice professional certification involving the voice track? In order to get certified in this area of specialization, you simply need to get trained and at least have a sound knowledge in IP telephony.
    6 : It is true that CCNP voice certification has gained tremendous popularity in the IT world; the reason why many IT professionals are now enrolling for the training in large numbers.
    7 : Currently many organizations are employing at least two professionals to help maintain voice and data in a telecommunication system. However with a CCNP voice certification, one is able to handle the two successfully.
    8 : In order to cut down the cost of employing two professionals, organizations are looking for a single professional with the CCNP voice certification and able to perform the tasks to be performed by the two experts.
    9 : With an increased demand for VOIP solutions in various companies and organizations, getting a CCNP voice certification will be a great boost to your career generally.
    10 : Passing the CCNP voice examination is all you need to be able to help your organization migrate towards the new VOIP solutions and help maintain the new set up.
    11 : The main role of a CCNP voice professional is simply to operate data and voice on the same network conveniently. Having the certification therefore means that you will be able to implement and integrate voice solutions in networking access levels.
    12 : The other crucial information about CCNP voice certification for IT professionals is that they update themselves with the latest technologies doing the rounds in the market.
    13 : You are thus expected to get the Cisco certifications from time to time such that the latest technologies can be integrated into the current operating system. Voice technology is actually advancing towards advanced communication based technologies that offer a single integrated solution.
    14 : Get a CVOICE certification today and join the elite group in telecommunication across the world.
    15 : You simply become an expert in IP telephony, a career that many organizations are looking for experts to help them with installation, configuring and supporting Cisco unified communications in the organizations from a minimum of 8 to a maximum of 250 phones.
    16 : In order to come out fully baked, ensure you understand the various topics in the training such as router configuration, integration of basic IP telephony to existing PSTN networks, troubleshooting and support, basic IP telephonic operations and others.
    17 : Though getting this certification has proved tough for many candidates, it is worth sacrificing your resources just to be sure you are among the few with the certification and knowledge to do various voice operations in an organization and open up to better career opportunities in your life.
    18 : The high demand for organizations to shift to VOIP calls a high demand for CCNP voice certified professionals, so, be the first to get this certification and take advantage of the lucrative market with many job opportunities waiting for you.

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