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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Arthurian Legend:The Romance vs. The Epic The Epic reflects the values of the Heroic Age of kings, warriors, and mead halls. The Romance reflects the values of the Age of Chivalry represented in the legends of King Arthur.
    2 : The Epic vs. The Romance Epic Clear, realistic story Rank and social distinctions not important/nonexistent Love? absent or a minor side detail Fighting? motivated and serious Romance Mystery and fantasy Rank and social distinctions strongly stressed Love? supreme focus of a Romance Fighting? spontaneous and very violent
    3 : The Epic vs. The Romance Epic Hero? sober, simple man Group action (warriors) Emphasis on glory and transitions of life Tragic and serious adventures Romance Hero? playful, witty, and complicated Hero is isolated? individual quests Emphasis on adventure and life to come More light-hearted story line
    4 : Origin of the Romance… Apparently, old French epics and songs form the end of the 11th century.
    5 : The Romance gave expression to the most cherished… Religious ideals Political ideals Courtly ideals
    6 : English Romance: Striking situations and unusual plots--mysterious
    7 : French Romance: Delicate sentiments and precisely analyzed plots
    8 : Arthurian Romance Arthur really lived during the 6th century Led the Welsh forces against the invading Anglo-Saxons Became a legend throughout Europe for this feat and later became the subject of English Romances

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