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    by: Sagar

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    1 :
    2 : When we cut/divide an Apple into two parts we denote it mathematically as ½ and when cut into three parts…1/3 and so on.
    3 : What does 1/0 or 2/0 or anypositive number divided by Zero mean?
    4 : It means we divide 1 into Zero parts…
    5 : 1/0… It means we divide One into Zero parts…which means One is destroyed into Nothingness.
    6 : Let’s take XY=A where A can be 1 or 2 or 444 or any positive natural number…then XY=1… when will X or Y become zero? If it happens then we get 1=0 but ONE is not equal to ZERO so we can’t have X or Y values to be Zero. XY=1 is a Rectangular Hyperbola where X or Y can never be Zeroes. It means 1 can’t be divided with 0. It means…
    7 : It means… Creation is not possible… It also means Destruction is not possible. That is 1 is not equal to 0…that is any positive number can’t be divided into Zero parts…that is division by Zero is not allowed.
    8 : Fundamental Theory Of Existence. 1. Zero can not exist as denominator. 2. Anything can not be created out of nothingness, only change of form is possible and change is everywhere. 3. Anything can not be destroyed into nothingness, only change of form is possible and change is everywhere. 4. Existence of anything can not be infinite. 5. There is no beginning and an end to the existence of the World. 6. There are finite absolute laws. 7. Velocity of light is relative. 8. There are three dimensions and three dimensions only. 9. Time Travel is impossible. 10. Tan 90 can not exist. 11. God(s) can not exist.
    9 : For more information visit…

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