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    by: Lico Reis

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    1 : Avoid Decisions Avoid Life
    2 : Introduction We hear many lectures and lessons about calculated risks, clearing obstacles, dealing with problems and making decisions. Through these classes we are trained to gather as much information and data as we can.
    3 : Important This information is designed at helping us to make decisions that will test us and incrementally improve and innovate our business or professional life.
    4 : Information Main Problems Some people get overwhelmed with choices and feel bombarded with so much information can become afraid of all the possibilities that information can bring. Psychologists have a term for this — choice overload.
    5 : Information Choice Overload – Main Effect In the presence of an abundance of so much information or too many choices, people often become overwhelmed and even frozen. These individuals inevitably revert to what is easiest and end up effectively making no decision at all. That can be particularly dangerous in business and ultimately, in life.
    6 : Information Choice Overload - Research One study showed, that when presented with many products, most consumers tend to default to the easiest choice: “buying nothing at all”.
    7 : Choice Aversion Painful Lesson Another painful lesson in “choice aversion” is the fact that far too many people choose not to choose and by default, allow decisions to made for them. They thus go through life trying to avoid risk and again, this often means avoiding decisions completely.
    8 : Avoid Decisions Avoid Life Conclusion As a general rule, "losses loom larger than gains“. This is what causes people to avoid decisions and reflexively avoid them altogether. Avoiding decisions is not really living. Part of the enjoyment in life is what we accomplish from learning, exploring, and trying new things. A person truly can't function and enjoy life without making decisions.
    9 : Lico Reis Consultoria & Línguas Roberto Lico Reis E-books: Linkedin: Twitter: @licoreis

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