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    Add as FriendAvoid Skin Redness With Spankies

    by: Zoe

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    1 : Spankies
    2 : Basic Idea About Spankies ~Spankies will be appropriate outfit for people who are interested in sports or several physical workout. ~Besides this, you can use it as undergarment.
    3 : Material ~Spankies are manufactured using special spandex material which is a stretchable material. ~You can stretch it up to 4-5 times of its real size. ~You feel dry during performance as these shorts are made up with a special fabric.
    4 : Benefits of Wearing Spankies ~ Spandex allows you to take free movements during dance or gymnastics. ~ It ensures you to cover from both front and back side throughout the performance. ~ Shorts help you to provide protection against any injuries.
    5 : Cont.. ~Spankies are hard to tear as it is created using Polyester and Nylon. ~These special materials make it more flexible as well as durable. This is the main reason why it lasts for long period of time.
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