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    by: Rubert

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    1 : Best Ways to Keep Your Patient Data Secure Rubert Cornell IT Manager for District Hospital
    2 : # Define a security plan by keeping HIPAA in mind
    3 : # Build top down risk analysis to probable threat scenarios
    4 : # Create effective policies that regulate the use of smart devices like implementing strong BYOD policies
    5 : # Do not accept patient information over the Web or by unsecured e-mail it may contain viruses or malware
    6 : # Keep sensitive data only accessible to those who absolutely need it
    7 : # Train staff to adhere workstation as well as data security measures such as identifying any malicious software
    8 : # Protects endpoints by freezing desired configuration and removing any unwanted changes or malicious software by solution like Deep Freeze
    9 : # Use secure e-mail services to protect your email from hacking, phishing, spoofing
    10 : # Keep the anti-virus firewalls and encryption e

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