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    by: Deepi

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    1 : Bio Fuel Briquette – A Green Alternative To Fossil Fuel
    2 : INTRODUCTION Biomass is a low carbon fuel or energy source that comes from plant material such as wood, sugarcane, corn and so on. Bio fuel briquette is comes from biomass briquette plant as a green alternate to fossil fuels. Biomass today accounts for over one-third of all energy used in the developing countries. The estimated power generation potential from biomass in India is about 19000 MW.
    3 : How To Make Bio Fuel Briquette? Biomass based power projects with a cumulative capacity of around 32 MW has been commissioned in the states on 19 November, 2010. Briquette plant is used to convert biomass other residues to useful fuel. Agriculture residues or raw materials are gathered and compressed under high mechanical pressure in the briquette press without adding any binder. Then all waste is converted into useful fuel which is known as biomass briquette or white coal.
    4 : Methods To Produce Energy There are two methods to produce energy from biomass; gasification and combustion route. In combustion route, biomass is used to produce steam and this steam is used for power generation through turbines. In gasification process, biomass is converted into producer gas and this gas is used for thermal application.
    5 : What Is Briquetting Plant? Briquetting plant is machinery which is capable of binding any type of residues into finished briquettes or white coal. Biomass is available within the surrounding area and can be available in abundant quantity with cheaper rate. Hence, project should be economical viable. Biomass briquettes can replace the fossil fuels like diesel, kerosene, furnace oil, lignite, coal and firewood. If any raw material contain more than 10% moisture then cutting and drying is required.
    6 : Popular Briquette Press There are two types of biomass briquette plant are available depending on the production capacity: Jumbo 90 biomass briquette press : 1500kg/hr Super 70 biomass briquette press : 750kg/hr
    7 : Technical Specification Of Briquette Press
    8 : The Advantages of Setting up Briquette Plant Bio fuel briquettes are cheaper than black coal. Oil, coal or lignite, once used , can’t replaced while briquetting plant is renewable source of energy. There is no sulfur used in briquetting process. Briquettes have consistent quality and have high burning efficiency. Briquettes are easy to store and handle.
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