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    by: nilam zalavadiya

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    1 : Biomass Briquette Plant Provides Viable Alternative Source of Energy
    2 : Introduction The biomass briquette plant project specially developed for providing a high graded energy resource called biomass briquette which is an alternative to all the energy fuels. The biomass briquette is a form of quality bio fuel having compressed and highly flammable biomass materials.
    3 : Briquette Plant Project The biomass briquetting plant is the efficient manufacturing technology which provides the economically as well as environmentally viable fuel briquettes. We can define the biomass briquetting technology in simple words that it is an efficient technique to concentrate the available energy in biomass.
    4 : Briquetting Technology The biomass waste materials from the agricultural and forestry activities are used for the briquetting technology. The biomass briquette plant machine also called briquetting press machine is used to manufacture the solid bio coal briquettes from the biomass waste materials having loose density.
    5 : Raw Material For Briquetting The raw material which are commonly used for making briquettes are bark, sawdust, bagasse from sugar cane, rice husk, cotton stalks, coconut shells, coffee husk, groundnut shells, etc. The energy alternative briquettes made from the briquetting press offer the high calorific energy value up to 4000 kcal/kg to 4800 kcal/kg.
    6 : White coal Briquettes The fuel briquette has the ash content up to 1.2%, so these briquettes are also known as white coal briquettes.
    7 : Advantages of Using Briquettes The burning of briquettes doesn’t release any greenhouse gas emissions to the environment. So, the briquettes are the eco-friendly bio fuel helps in environment and energy future saving. Therefore, the government provides various financial benefits and incentives to the biomass briquetting plant manufacturer.
    8 : Application of Briquettes Such briquettes are available at very cheaper rate in the developing nations due to their agricultural backgrounds. The fuel briquettes are used in many industries and domestic applications as they offer many energy benefits as compared to other coals.
    9 : Protect World by Using Eco-friendly Briquette Machine
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