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    by: shreya

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    1 : Biomass Briquetting Plant
    2 : Renewable Energy There are many different forms of "green" or renewable energy available today and people are constantly looking for more energy-efficient sources of green power as the anxiety about global warming and greenhouse gases comes to the forefront.
    3 : Solid Fuel For those looking to escape dependence on foreign oil and for those concerned with reducing their impact on the earth, one type of energy stands out among the rest that is biomass energy. Biomass energy is energy derived from organic raw material and wastage material.
    4 : Source Of Energy The biomass briquette machine is an interesting topic and vital part of our renewable source of energy.
    5 : Non – Convectional Source Of Energy Not only does biomass have the benefit of being a renewable source of energy, it is favored because it can be utilized by homeowners and small businesses as well as large companies and governments.
    6 : Abundance Source Of Energy Furthermore, briquette press machine it can be implemented relatively cheaply: the set up costs of certain types of biomass systems are a fraction of the cost of solar and wind energy systems. So we can say that black coal is how much affected to anyone . So we should try briquette plant which is not harmful but one of the best sources to produce energy.
    7 : Advantages There are many advantages to use of the biomass briquetting plant. Most industries which are using black coal they switch over to use briquettes. Trusted source to produce energy. No any chemical mixed or added. Eco-friendly and economical as compare to black coal.
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    9 : Government guidelines Certain states have an income tax exemption on Briquetting plant units for 5 years. Even if such a policy encouragement new units come up. The government needs to increase the user base by incentive them to use biomass briquettes.
    10 : Conclusion So we can say that briquette plant is a technology through which we can get energy at low cost and help us to make environment green.
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