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  • Birds and Mammals Sixth Grade Gail Howard


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    1 : Birds and Mammals Sixth Grade Gail Howard Birds The Physics of Bird Flight What Is a Mammal? Diversity of Mammals
    2 : Characteristics of Birds Endothermic vertebrate Feathers Four-chambered heart Lays eggs
    3 : Four ways birds are adapted for flight Bones of a bird’s forelimbs form wings Bones are nearly hollow Large chest muscles that move the wings Feathers
    4 : Characteristics of Mammals Endothermic vertebrate Four-chambered heart Skin covered with fur or hair Most young are born alive Fed with milk produced in its mother’s body
    5 : Three groups of mammals Monotremes Marsupials Placental mammals
    6 : Monotremes There are two species of monotremes: spiny anteaters and duck-billed platypus. They are mammals that lay eggs.
    7 : Marsupials Marsupials are mammals whose young are born alive, but at an early stage of development, and they usually continue to develop in a pouch on their mother’s body. Two species of marsupials are: kangaroos and opossums.
    8 : Placental Mammals Placental mammals develop inside its mother’s body until its body systems can function independently. A few species of placental mammals are: primates, bats, rabbits, elephants, dolphins, otters, squirrels, etc.
    9 : Table comparing mammal groups
    10 : Writing Assignment You are a documentary filmmaker preparing to make a short film about spiny anteaters. First, think of a title for the film. Then plan two scenes that you would include in the film and write the narrator’s script. Your scenes should show what the animals look like and what they do.

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