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    by: Faiz

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    1 : Bone marrow transplant Treatment for Thalassemia
    2 : What is Bone Marrow? Bone-marrow is a soft, fatty tissue found inside of bones that produces blood cells (red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets). Red blood cells carry oxygen throughout the body. White blood cells act to ward off infection. Platelets aid in blood-clotting.
    3 : The bone marrow is the inner part, the core, of the bones, where the various types of blood cells are manufactured. It is the very core of the bones. It is the spongy, reddish part of the bones. In our bone marrows three principal types of cells are manufactured: red blood cells or erythrocytes with the main function of carrying oxygen to every part of our body white cells or leucocytes with the purpose of defending ourselves against various diseases platelets helping in the coagulation of the blood preventing hemorrhages. 
    4 : Why Bone Marrow Transplant performed? Bone-marrow transplants are performed for: deficiencies in red blood cells (aplastic anemia) and white blood cells (leukemia or lymphoma) aggressive cancer treatments (chemotherapy or radiation therapy) inherited (genetic) diseases (such as thalassemia) immune-system disorders (such as congenital neutropenia and severe-combined immunodeficiency syndrome)
    5 : How Bone Marrow Transplant occur? While you are awake and pain-free (using local anesthesia), bone marrow is removed from the top of the hip bone (iliac crest). The bone marrow is filtered, treated, and transplanted immediately. Other times it's frozen and stored for later use. The bone marrow is then transfused through a vein (IV line). It naturally transports itself back into the intended bone cavities, where it grows quickly to replace the old bone marrow.

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