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    Brain Fingerprinting


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    1 : Brain Fingerprinting Jessica Laks April 26, 2005
    2 : Background Brain fingerprinting: technique used to determine scientifically what information is, or is not stored in a particular brain Not a measure of guilt or innocence Measures the response to visual or audio stimulus
    3 : Applications National security Medical diagnosis Alzheimer’s Disease Advertising Crimial justice system
    4 : National Security Identify terrorists and accomplices prior to attacks by determining whether specific information is embedded in the memory of the subject
    5 : Medical Field Alzheimer’s Disease Detects P300 brainwave Symptoms reversible through dietary and medicinal changes Pharmeceutical companies See effects of new medication Doctors can monitor treatments and adjust them
    6 : Advertising Brain fingerprinting allows advertisers to determine what information from an ad is retained in memory What elements do people pay attention to What type of media is most effective How to advertise to people all over the world
    7 : Criminal Justice Used with MERMER technology FBI and CIA endorsed to convict criminals P300 brainwave is emitted if a memory of presented stimulus exists in the brain Difference between perpetrator and the innocent is the memory of the crime scene embedded in the brain
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