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    Add as FriendBreast Enhancement Without Surgery…Is It Possible???

    by: Dr John

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    2 :
    3 : Every woman wants full bosom, as it enhances the beauty of a woman. So, breast enhancement is always in demand.
    4 : Surgical or non-surgical? Although, surgical methods are very popular, but because of its costs and risks, lots of women prefer non surgical method. Non surgical methods means natural breast enhancement methods. But do they really work?
    5 : For naturally enhancing the appearance, firmness and size of the breast, there are some natural alternatives like potions, lotions, or pills are available in the market.
    6 : VITAMIN SUPPLEMENTS Are said to help the body to rebuild collagen. Leads to more firmer and youthful breast.
    7 : HERBAL MEDICATIONS Some herbs are blessed thistle, dong quai, fennel seeds etc. They contain estrogen that increases the breast size. If you stop taking pills, breast will return back to its natural size.  
    8 : LOTIONS AND CRÈMES Directly apply to the breast. Are said to change the skin tone and firmness, Help to penetrate the skin cells directly.
    9 : Not Approved by FDA The products mentioned earlier are not approved by FDA as effectiveness of such methods have not been proven clinically. The only proven method is breast implants(surgical methods).
    10 : Natural methods Brava Exercise
    11 : BRAVA… A device for breast enlargement and shaping system  Attached to the breast for weeks or months.  Creates suction on the breast, Helps to increase blood flow to the area.
    12 : BRAVA Results are not permanent. Can be painful and even cause injury to the sensitive breast tissue.
    13 : EXERCISE Presence of milk duct and fatty tissue in the breast tissue makes it to sag and to change. If a woman loses some weight, the breasts size gets decreased.   If a woman gains some weight, the breasts size gets increased.
    14 : Breast Implants The only proven technique to get a full bosom is through breast implants. It is FDA approved.
    15 : Contact Dr John Farella at: 311 North Street, Suite 408White Plains, NY 10605 Ph: (914) 290-4700 Visit at

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