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    Add as Friend Briquetting Plant Avoid Green House Effects

    by: shreya

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    1 : Briquetting Plant Avoid Green House Effects
    2 : Prevent Pollution Now a day’s pollution is burning issue. But we have not solution that how to overcome with this problem. So briquette plant manufacturer present a technology through which we can avoid these environmental issues like green house effect, erosion of soil and deforestation.
    3 : Eco-Friendly . Briquetting plant through we can make briquettes which are eco friendly and does not make smoke when it burns. Use of the petrol, diesel and in industrial aria use of the coal is increasing, these are non renewable source of energy. If once it is finished then we can produce it again, while briquettes are renewable in nature and we can make it as per our need.
    4 : Replace Coal Black coal spread pollution and also expensive then briquettes so everyone can not afford that much price while briquettes are easy to use and economical than coal.
    5 : Renewable Source We know that there is red alert of fossil fuels as it is going to be finished. Demand of the fuel is increasing while sources are limited to satisfy it so there is gap between demand and supply. so briquetting press machine fill this gap and offer sustainable source of energy.
    6 : Models Of Briquette Plant There are two models of briquetting machine one is Jumbo-90 Briquetting machine and second one is Super-70 briquetting machine. Both are enough capable to make briquettes from ant waste. All the divested material collected and compressed under high pressure with the help of biomass briquette plant and as a finished product briquettes are available which replace coal.
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    8 : Advantages Of Briquettes Briquettes are cost saving and eco friendly Replace coal, diesel and petrol The burning efficiency of briquette is higher than coal Production cost is minimum so everyone can afford it.
    9 : Conclusion So we can say that briquetting plant is one of the options through which healthy and green environment can be established and also can avoid many environmental hurdles.
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