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    1 : COMMUNICATION PLANS [ENTER FACILITATOR’S NAME AND CONTACT INFORMATION] Developed by Troutman Sanders LLP Developed for the Virginia Department of Health Funded by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    2 :
    3 : Toolkit Presentations Instructions for Use Toolkit Presentations are intended to be a companion to the Hospital Implementation Guide and should not be used in isolation. The Presentations are intended to serve as a starting point for the facilitator. The facilitator should thoroughly review the Presentation prior to use in Implementation Team, CRAG or Subcommittee meetings and customize the Presentation to meet the unique needs of the meeting participants. Pay particular to attention to the information provided in brackets ([ ]), which must be completed by the facilitator prior to use. Included in the “Notes” section of each slide are the following types of information: Slide Type, which indicates whether the slide is for information or discussion, serves as a placeholder, or is some combination thereof Planning Guide Section(s), which will direct the facilitator to the corresponding sections of the Planning Guide and Hospital Implementation Guide for further information Special Instructions, which provides directions for the facilitator to customize the slide for the intended audience Speaker’s Notes, which provides more detailed information to supplement the material on the slide Refer to the Hospital Implementation Guide for further guidance and helpful hints on effectively completing the process described in the Planning Guide.
    4 : CRAG Members [Enter names and departments of each CRAG member]
    5 : Add slides from Altered Standards Overview and/or Chapter 1 presentation, as needed, to re-introduce the CRAG to the concept of altered standards and critical resource shortage response planning, especially if new members are involved.
    6 : Chapter Overview Develop a communication strategy tailored to providers Develop a communication strategy tailored to patients Develop a communication strategy tailored to partners of the hospital(s) in the Planning Unit Develop a communication strategy tailored to the public Develop a communication strategy tailored to the press Develop a communication strategy tailored to politicians
    8 : Communication Plan Communication Plan Components
    9 : Your Audiences – The “6 Ps”
    11 : Key Messages Coordination with objective(s) Phase of the communication plan Timing of delivery Key elements
    12 : Potential Messaging Platforms
    13 : What message(s) will you communicate to each audience and how will you do this?
    14 : Providers
    15 : Patients
    16 : Partners
    17 : Public
    18 : Press
    19 : Politicians
    20 : Questions?

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