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    1 : Patrick L. Remington, MD, MPH Bridget C. Booske, PhD, MHSA
    2 : Where we live matters to our health. One of the greatest disparities in this country is that some places are healthy, but others are not. There is relatively little discussion about these disparities by the public or policy makers.
    3 : America’s Health Rankings Ranks the overall health of all 50 states, from healthiest to least healthy. First published in 1990 and annually thereafter. Uses a model that summarizes the overall health of each state.
    4 : America’s Health Ranking – 2009 Mississippi #50 Vermont #1 Wisconsin #10
    5 : Response to the State Health Rankings Great interest in the media and among policy makers for the past 20 years. Provides model to summarize the health of an entire state. But just as “all politics is local” so is public health. We decided to adapt this model for Wisconsin.
    6 : Wisconsin County Health Rankings Published annually since 2003 Ranks health in all 72 counties
    7 : Programs and Policies Health Factors Health Outcomes
    11 : 2008 Wisconsin County Health Rankings Ozaukee #1 Menominee #72
    12 : County Health Rankings News Coverage
    13 : What Happened Next? Several states (TN, NM, KS) used the Wisconsin Model for county rankings in their state Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded the “MATCH” Project in 2009 Includes producing the County Health Rankings for each of the 50 states, from 2010-2012
    14 : The MATCH Projectand the County Health Rankings The Wisconsin MATCH Team Including David Kindig, Jessica Athens, Julie Willems Van Dijk Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Including Brenda Henry, Michelle Larkin, Jim Marks, Joe Marx, Pamela Russo Our Partners Including CDC, NCHS, ASTHO, NACCHO, NNPHI, Leah Devlin, Dartmouth Institute, 11-member Metrics Advisory Group.
    15 : v
    16 : Urban versus Rural 50 healthiest vs. least healthy counties
    17 : 50 healthiest vs. least healthy counties Urban versus Rural
    18 : Health Outcome Disparities *Median of 50 healthiest vs. least healthy counties
    19 : Health Outcome Disparities *Median of 50 healthiest vs. least healthy counties
    20 : How to Use the County Health Rankings?
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    22 :
    23 :
    24 : A call to action The first annual checkup for every county in the nation Provides information on the many factors that influence community health Shows that health is everyone’s business

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