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    by: priya

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    1 : Celine Dion
    2 : Contents Biography Awards Products Photos Celine’s baby Songs Links Group members
    3 : Biography Name: Celine Dion Year born: 1968 Place of birth: Charlemagne, Quebec, Canada Colour of her eyes: Hazelnut Height: 1.71 m Lucky number: 5 Sports: Snow and water skiing Preferred colours: Black, white and red
    4 : Awards Celine has won more than 150 awards in her career so far, including Grammys, Oscars, Juno Awards, World Music Awards ... Capital Radio DJ Chris Tarrant presented Celine Dion with the most expensive disc ever - in recognition of 15 million album and single sales in the UK. Celine instantly donated the disc to Capital's Help A London Child charity auction.
    5 : Products
    6 : Photos
    7 : Celine’s baby Celine, Rene and their new baby boy, Rene-Charles.
    8 : Songs I Know What Love Is Forget Me Not Coulda Woulda Shoulda Reveal My Heart Will Go On Have You Ever Been In Love Sorry For Love (Ballad Version) Naked Stand By Your Side One Heart In His Touch Faith Love Is All We Need I Drove All Night
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    10 : Group members 4S ??? ??? ??? ??? ??

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