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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Choosing Team Members Random drawing of members Sit with your team members for the duration of the semester Team building exercise Select project manager Team contract
    2 : Skills and Talents Worksheet With regard to your potential consulting career: List things you can do List things you would be rather doing Some items will appear on both lists Where your true interests lie True passion areas determine how successful you are
    3 : Introduction to Business Information Systems Consulting
    4 : What is Consulting? The U.S. spends $2.3 trillion on projects every year, an amount equal to one-quarter of the nation’s gross domestic product. The world as a whole spends nearly $10 trillion of its $40.7 trillion gross product on projects of all kinds. More than sixteen million people regard project management as their profession.
    5 : More Consulting Info Famous business authors and consultants are stressing the importance of project management. As Tom Peters writes in his book, Reinventing Work: the Project 50, “To win today you must master the art of the project!”
    6 : Categories of Consultants Three categories of consultants: Large firms consultants Internal consultants Independent consultants Solo (proprietorship) As a group (partnership)
    7 : What is Consulting? What is a consultant? An advisor who is in a position to have some influence over an individual, a group, or an organization, but who has no direct power to make changes or implement programs.
    8 : What is Consulting? The term “consultant” has become much maligned and in disrepute. Scenario 1: Client: What time is it?
    9 : What is Consulting? Scenario 1: Client: What time is it? Consultant: What time do you want it to be?
    10 : What is Consulting? Scenario 2: Client: What time is it?
    11 : What is Consulting? Scenario 2: Client: What time is it? Consultant: Give me your watch and I will tell you.
    12 : What is Consulting? Scenario 3: Those who can…do.
    13 : What is Consulting? Scenario 3: Those who can…do. Those who can’t…consult.
    14 : Areas of Consulting General Management Planning, strategy, corporate policy Manufacturing Production control, facilities management, materials management Personnel Training, recruitment, employee benefits
    15 : Areas of Consulting Marketing New product introduction, pricing, promotion, sales forecasting Finance and Accounting Cost accounting, tax advice, investment Procurement and Purchasing Commodity classification, inventory management, stores operation
    16 : Areas of Consulting Research and Development Project determination & evaluation, cost control Packaging Packaging machinery, design, testing Administration Office management, office planning design & space utilization, EDP
    17 : Areas of Consulting International Operations Import, export, licensing, tariffs, joint ventures Specialized Services Catches all the many other areas Executive recruitment Test prepping, essay editing, and application consulting IT/Computer consulting E-Business consulting
    18 : Types of IT Consulting Contract Programmer Codes, tests, debugs for an hourly rate System Integrator Selects and configures hardware and software Custom Developer Develops custom software for clients
    19 : Types of IT Consulting Expert Consultant Advices top decision makers on policy or technical direction via lectures and seminars Technical Management Consultant Project management; provides SDLC Consulting Firms Employee Employee of the Big Four accounting firms and corporations
    20 : Why Does Company Want a Consultant? Fill in the blank space
    21 : Why Need a Consultant Anyway? The need for personnel Put out a great amount of work over a short period of time Unique expertise on short-term or project basis The need for fresh ideas Employees too close to problem to understand all ramifications
    22 : Why Need a Consultant Anyway? Company politics For various political reasons those who understand the problem are not allowed to present it Consultant assumed to be more impartial and less likely to be influenced by company politics
    23 : Why Need a Consultant Anyway? The need for improved sales No business can exist without sales To increase sales in a short time frame The need for capital Every company needs money Help find sources of capital
    24 : Government Regulations If not obeyed can result in penalty The need for maximum efficiency Inefficiency leads to high costs, making prices noncompetitive The need to diagnose problems and find solutions You should become very adept at this Why Need a Consultant Anyway?
    25 : The need to train employees Business operations are becoming more and more complex The need for a complete turnaround Consultant troubleshoots to pull off a complete turnaround Computers and data processing Why Need a Consultant Anyway?
    26 : How Do Clients Analyze Consultants for Hiring? Fill in the blank space
    27 : How Potential Clients Analyze Consultants for Hire Can you add something to company’s total output? Will your expertise bring company any closer to its goals? Can you make company work more effectively? Will you save company time and money? Within budget, can you do a comprehensive and effective job?
    28 : Assessing Your Skills and Talents Aware of both strengths and weaknesses Type of consulting field to break into Take time to assess skills and talents In-class Consulting Skills Assessment Exercise – Do It Now … take out a sheet of paper and make 2 columns – list your strengths and weaknesses
    29 : What Skills Do You Need To Be An Outstanding Consultant? Fill in the blank space
    30 : What Makes an Outstanding Consultant? Bedside manner Ability to get along with client Not so much what you say but how you say Ability to diagnose problems One of most significant criteria Ability to find solutions After diagnosis, suggest right course of action
    31 : What Makes an Outstanding Consultant? Technical expertise and knowledge Technical expertise in a field is important Expertise comes from education, experience, personal skills Communication skills Superior communication (written/oral)
    32 : What Makes an Outstanding Consultant? Marketing and selling abilities A good marketer and a good salesperson Sell an intangible product Management skills Ability to manage a business Ability to run projects
    33 : What Makes an Outstanding Consultant? Two groups of skills BIG Three and BIG Four BIG Three Communications 2. Technical command of a subject 3. Ability to get along BIG Four 1. Analytical skills 2. Sensitivity to others 3. Tolerance for lifestyle 4. Strong personal drive
    34 : Minimum Six-Figure Consultant Eat, drink, and breathe customer service Keep up with latest changes in your field of expertise Develop ability to identify problems quickly Look for creative ways to solve problems Use excellent communications skills
    35 : Minimum Six-Figure Consultant Be 100% confident that you will succeed Be professional in everything you do Be a people person Be the best manager you can be Give clients more than they expect
    36 : Skills and Talents Worksheet Outstanding job skills possessed Specialized education and training possessed Special licenses possessed What most do you like about present job What you have been told that you do extremely well
    37 : Marketing Yourself Naming Your Business What is in a name? Plenty, esp. if you want your business to be successful Choose names carefully Portray an aura of professionalism Stay away from cutesy names Must contribute effectively to your marketing approach
    38 : Naming Your Business Should name of practice contain your name? Advantage: Clients like personal touch Should name of practice precisely and and immediately communicate the services that you provide?
    39 : Naming Your Business Examples: Telephone Marketing Consultants Preciseness locks you into predetermined market and service Hindrance to expand your services later Should the company name cause others to view your practice as being a public-interest, non-profit organizations?
    40 : Naming Your Business Examples: The Center for _____________ The ___________ Resources Center The Institute for the Study of ___________ The Alliance to ______________ Advantage: Prestige, lends credibility Field important enough to warrant founding of an institute or center
    41 : Naming Your Business Using fictitious names other than your business names? Advantages: On retirement or withdrawal from business, you can sell your assumed name but keep your corporation Helpful for trial efforts. If they flop, no harm done
    42 : Developing a Brochure As part of marketing plan Entire career depends on it Describes what you have accomplished and what you can do for client Concentrate on your past successes
    43 : Developing a Brochure Five issues to be addressed: Should clearly convey your services Should tell customers why you are best Should give a few reasons why you should be hired Should include brief bio information Should include info about your other clients
    44 : Brochure for Your Consulting Firm Develop a brochure to market yourselves to your client

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