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    by: priya

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    1 : Cloning – Science Fiction or Science Fact?
    2 : What we will do today…… Extend knowledge on asexual reproduction and sexual reproduction Learn how can animals be cloned Look at problems with cloning
    3 : What are clones? Genetically Identical copies
    4 : Hydra budding to make a clone
    5 : Asexual Reproduction Tiny 'buds' grow out from the hydra's side, develop mouth tentacles, and finally nip off at the base to form a separate individual.
    6 : Amoeba dividing asexually
    7 : Bacteria dividing asexually These are CLONES as only have information from 1 parent
    8 : Spider plant making asexual clones Plants retain some unspecialized cells These cells have the potential to grow into a whole new plant
    9 : Strawberry plants making asexual clones Whole new plants grow at the end of the runners How is this Possible?
    10 : Sexual reproduction Information (genes) from 2 parents in the sperm and egg
    11 : Sexual Reproduction in Plants Pollen carries genes from the male part of plants this fertilizes the ovule (female sex cell) POLLEN ovary containing OVULE
    12 : Sexual reproduction gives variation
    13 : Cloning mammals Sexual reproduction produces variation not clones. Why?
    14 : Identical Twins Sperm fertilizes egg Fertilized egg starts to divide into a embryo, but the cells separate and each cell becomes a baby
    15 : Clones can be made naturally… Identical twins are clones of each other fertilisation Fertilised egg cell splits Sperm cell Egg cell Baby Baby
    16 : Twin Welsh Lambs Clones of each other but not of their parents
    17 : Recently cloned animals
    18 : Dolly The Sheep Hello Dolly Dolly was the first mammal cloned from an adult cell. She was born in 1996 and died in 2003. She was 6 when she died, about half the usual age for a sheep
    19 : Making Dolly the sheep
    20 : Problems with cloning mammals Dolly developed premature arthritis and showed signs of aging too quickly She died 6 years old which is half the natural age of a sheep She is now owned by the National Museum in Scotland
    21 : Reproduction and Cloning Recap 1. Are Sonny and Cher clones? Explain your answer. 2. If I wanted to clone Sonny how would I do it? 3. What problems may I encounter if I try to clone Sonny.
    22 : Next lesson Uses of cloning Should we clone mammals? Will we clone humans? What would this mean?
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