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    by: yesim

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    1 : Culture Comparisons Dominican Republic & Turkey
    2 : Dominican Food Culture Rich food culture Their main ingrediants: --Seefoods --Rise --Black beans --Meat --Vegetables
    3 :
    4 : Dominican Food Culture Breakfest: usually serve mangu that includes cheese, bacon, macoroni and green banana Launch: usually eat „la bandera„ Another dish: "sancocho“ served with rise Good dominician meal: never without dessert Mamajuana was developed by dominician republic
    5 : Dominican Desserts Aroz con leche Dulce de leche
    6 : MANGU
    7 : DRINK & ICECREAMS Mamajuana Rum Bizcochos Frio frios
    8 : Turkish Food Culture Breakfast or Lunch: --Eggs with Sucuk Desserts: (using much Syrup and milk) --Ex.: „Baklava“, “kadayif“, “lokma“, „sütlaç“ etc. Turkish copper coffee set: --Includes nickellated copper tray, a porcelain cup and saucer, and a coffee maker with tinned copper inside for usage.
    9 : BAKLAVA Eggs with Sucuk KADAYIF
    10 : Dominican Music Culture Characteristics: West African use of call and response Major part of rhythm: Singing, Clapping and lyrical, dance and rhythmic improvisation Folk musics are marenque, salves, jing ping, palo, Chanté mas Popular Musics: Bachata, Dominican Rock,Reaggeation
    11 : BAMBO
    12 : BOOM BOOM
    13 : Turkish Music Culture Diverse elements ranging from Central Asian folk music Many copies and references of Byzantine music, Greek music, Ottoman Music, Persian music, Balkan music, as well as more modern European and American popular music
    14 : Types of Turkish Music Traditional and Folk Music: --Folk Music --Ottoman Music --Mehter --Religious Music Contemporary Turkish Art Music Pop Music
    15 : Some of Turkish Musical Instruments --Zither(kanun) --Fiddle(kemençe) --Reed flute(ney) --Rebab --Tambur(drum) --Lute(ud)
    16 :
    17 : Dominican Dance Culture Dominican Dance Styles Music: peoples emotional expression. Dominican people have rhythm and music in their hearts Merengue national dance of the Dominican Republic dance figures can be spontaneous and very improvisational
    18 : Elvis Crespo- Suavemente
    19 : Dominican Dance Culture Bachata well-known form of expression Often performed by couples Known as a participation dance and a social dance Popular : characterized by simplicity and synchronization
    20 :
    21 : Dominican Dance Culture Dance Technique and Styling Basic Steps: Twisting feets and with syncopations Vuelta: Turning almost on the spot Enchufla (change side) Lady Inside turn moving forward on the 2nd beat facing the dance partner Footwork: Lots of it, some cuban Son inspired and some new original
    22 : Vakero-Que-Mujer-Tan-Chula
    23 :
    24 : Dominican Dance Culture Movements: Natural soft African moves. Styling: Natural arm and torso movements generated from the natural body movements
    25 : Turkish Dance Culture "Horon“ --Black Sea dance, performed by men only "Kasik Oyunu“ -- Spoon Dance, gaily dressed male & female dancers, 'clicking' out the dance rhythm with a pair of wooden spoons
    26 : HORON
    27 : HORON Kasik Oyunu
    28 : Turkish Dance Culture ''Kilic Kalkan“ -- Sword and Shield Dance of Bursa, performed by men only   " Zeybek" --Aegean dance, colourfully dressed male dancers, called "efe", symbolize courage and heroism

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