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    by: Jacquay

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    1 : Compelling Reasons to use a knee walker
    2 : More Rest Time Without Support Knee walkers or knee scooters may not have been around for very long, but they have definitely gained a lot of popularity worldwide. The biggest reason for its success is the instant access to mobility it lends. Patients can comfortably rest their legs and walk around without having to use crutches. And since the injured leg is properly resting most of the time, it gets enough time for a speedy recovery.
    3 : Highly Adaptable To Unique Needs of Each Individual Patient Another amazing and highly useful feature of walking scooters is their ability to adapt to the unique requirements of different patients. A knee walker can be used for both sitting and standing purposes by making some variations in order to adapt to the requirements of the patient’s level of mobility. Where crutches are usually quite awkward to use and cause the damaged area to tire, knee walkers come with adjustability features that offer maximum rest time.
    4 : Ease and Versatility of Use The real advantage of knee walkers is that they are quite simple to use. Plus, they offer a huge range of usability options and can be deployed for several reasons. A knee scooter is recommended to patients having below-the-knee damages, including: Amputation Diabetic ulcers Sprains Gout Fractures Breakages
    5 : Proper Care, No Cheating Most often, a patient is not able to find out how much weight he or she should put on the injured leg. Unaware, most people bear the body weight until it begins to hurt badly; it slows down the healing process. When using a knee walker, however, a patient does not have to touch the ground with the damaged foot. When the patient is not consciously cheating and non-weight bearing is taken a good care of, the improvement process gets a boost.
    6 : No or Negligible, Impact on Daily Life Interestingly, a knee walker makes your everyday tasks easily manageable, without having to put any extra efforts. You can completely focus on your work as usual, except that your hands will get dirty because of the rubber hand grips. In most cases where too much time taken by surgeries or injuries to recover leads to isolation and depression. A knee walker keeps you busy with daily work and save you from dwelling on the condition.
    7 : Time to Eat and Drink ! When on crutches, there is no way of carrying eatables, tea or coffee to your workplace. With a knee walker, however, you can carry food etc. in the basket. You can also utilize the basket on your knee scooter for carrying papers and other items. Today, high-tech knee walkers having flexible steering mechanisms are available in the market. The advanced features make it easier for the user to direct and control the rolling knee scooter exactly like a bike
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