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    by: Saad

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    1 : Hassaan Javaid Aerospace - 08
    2 : Confidence Confidence is a collection of positive beliefs and feelings that one has about him or herself. The greatest barrier for success is the fear of failure.
    3 : Why is confidence necessary? Gives you the self-assurance to try new things. Ability to keep trying in the face of obstacles. Skills to interact well with others. Ability to deal with unexpected difficulties. “Make the most of yourself or that is all there is of you.”
    4 : Most Importantly!!! The Ability to Effectively Manage Your Own Behavior!
    5 : Three Types of Confidence Diffidence Optimal SC Overconfidence CONFIDENCE
    6 : How to Enhance Confidence Through 5 simple Steps….
    7 : Stop Discounting Yourself
    8 : Self Analysis A personal dialogue in which you should interpret your own feelings, perceptions and convictions and gives yourself instructions and reinforcement.
    9 : If You Look Good You’ll Feel Good What matters most is not what you wear but how you wear it. Confidence and looking good work together and will give you the feel good factor about yourself. Be Colorful.
    10 : Think About What You Need From Life
    11 : Take Risks When we stop taking Risks we become trapped in our own little bubble.
    12 : Conclusion Enhances your social circle Increase in influence Higher success rate
    13 : Questions?

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