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    by: Jennifer

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    2 : Definition: Deforestation is the clearance of naturally occurring forests by the processes of humans' logging and/or burning of trees in a forested area.
    3 : Causes: Industrial Factors Domestic Factors Governmental Factors
    4 : Effects: Atmospheric Hydrological Soil Ecological
    5 : Chipko Movement: ISSUE: Deforestation is a severe problem in northern India and local people have banded together to prevent commercial timber harvesting. These people have adopted a unique strategy in recognizing trees as valuable, living beings. The Chipko movement adherents are known literally as "tree huggers."
    6 : Sunderlal Bahuguna
    7 : DESCRIPTION : The protestors, consisting of mostly women and their children, were called on by their leader to form a ban in order to stop the cutting of trees from the Uttarakhand region. The enduring nature of Chipko has raised several questions. The movement has been instrumental in the social and ecological disintegration of the hill society and also the ideological clashes between subcultures of the movement and the redefinition of gender roles.
    8 : CONT… August of 1994, Chipko huggers wanted to stop the construction of the dam at Tehri because the protestors claim that it will uproot trees and pose a flood threat. Today, most of the state legislators respect the peasant and their habitants. Nonetheless, to prevent future clearings, the Chipko "tree huggers" are still very active.
    9 : CONT… Agriculture to feed the indigenous families of the hills is dependent on dense forest coverage. The peasants of India's hills depend on the forests for fuel, fodder, agricultural implements, building timber, medicines and in times of dearth, food. "In the period before state intervention, not only did the peasantry have full access to the forests, but their strong communal institutions fostered the prudent utilization for forest produce." Subsistence agriculture provided women the necessary nutrients needed to feed their families. In most cases, the surplus was used to sell their value added resources through the market economy. Uttarakhand has moved away from subsistence- oriented peasant economy to a dependent on outside remittances to live.
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