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    by: Abdul

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    1 : Dr. Abdul Rao On Transplant Immunology
    2 : Transplant Immunology is known as a providential cure in medical sciences. People recommend it to patients for getting rid of many kinds of problems which are related to health. It involves a surgical operation where a body part is removed from one location and transplanted to another. It is done for getting rid of various health associated problems.
    3 : The whole concept of transplantation involves dealing with the immune tissues for better health. The process includes important tissues for the transplantation which includes autograft, isograft, allograft and xenograft. In the US, there are many transplantation institutes and healthcare centers for transplant immunology facilities.
    4 : For example, USF Health is a leading facility that offers expert doctors and other facilities to accomplish transplantation activities. The institute aims to ameliorate health in the wider environment, in communities, and for specific individuals.
    5 : Earlier the transplantation activity was limited and very expensive, but, as the demand kept increasing, these facilities underwent a revolution and they are nowadays widely used. Dr. Abdul Rao is a famous transplant immunologist and an acclaimed transplant immunologist in the field of medical sciences.
    6 : He is highly educated and thoroughly experienced. He has graduated from the University of Oxford with a D.Phil in Transplantation Immunology in 1993. Dr. Abdul Rao also joined the University of Pittsburgh in 1993 where he chaired as the Director of the Section of Cellular Transplantation and the Section of Medical Informatics, Thomas E. Starzl Transplantation Institute.
    7 : At USF, Dr. Abdul Rao has also served as the Associate Director of Translational Research at USF and as an Associate Professor of Surgery as well as Pathology. Dr. Abdul Rao's area of research interest lies on the bench to bedside (and reverse) translation of novel therapeutic strategies that are aimed at alleviating a clinical problem.
    8 : Dr. Abdul Rao and his team also worked on the protocol for induction of donor-specific tolerance in organ allograft recipients (funded by National Institutes of Health); cellular therapeutic treatment of refractory post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders (funded by Cancer Research Treatment Foundation);
    9 : islet cell transplantation to reverse type I insulin-dependent diabetes (funded by National Institutes of Health and the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation International); transmission of infection following animals to humans (funded by an extramural grant) organ and cell transplantation.

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