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    by: Kris

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    1 : Breast Implant Exchange Dr. Kris Reddy FACS, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and West Palm breast enhancement expert, reviews the breast implant exchange procedure. The open capsulotomy is a surgical operation performed to treat scarring which occurs around breast implants or to revise the shape of the pocket where the implant is placed. This usually involves surgical cutting of scar tissue that forms around a breast implant and the placement of a new breast implant.
    2 : Capsular Contracture Scar tissue, which forms internally around a breast implant, can tighten and make the breast round, firm, and possibly painful. Excessive firmness of the breasts can occur soon after the original surgery or years later. The incidence of symptomatic capsular contracture can be expected to increase over time.
    3 : Capsular contracture may occur on the one side, both sides or not at all. Calcification can occur within the scar tissue that surrounds the breast implants. Treatment for capsular contracture may require surgery, removal of the capsule layer, implant replacement, or implant removal. Patients may elect to increase or decrease the size of their breast implants.
    4 : Breast Implant Revision or Replacement Individuals with old, damaged or broken implants may consider open capsulotomy surgery and breast implant exchange as a way to maintain the long-term results from their original surgery, whether for cosmetic or reconstructive purposes. You may be advised by your surgeon to consider replacing your breast implants with new ones, irrespective of how long you have had them.
    5 : In some situations, you may be advised to consider new breast implants with a textured outer surface or to consider saline-filed implants. Patients undergoing open capsulotomy surgery and breast implant exchange must consider the possibility of future revisionary surgery. Breast implants do not have an indefinite lifespan and will eventually require surgery for removal and/or replacement.

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