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    by: Anthony J.

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    1 : ELDER LAW BASICS Common Issues, Questions and Answers
    2 : Elder Law
    3 : What does elder law cover?
    4 : Elder law is not a single area of the law
    5 : Rather, it’s a collection of issues that most commonly affect elderly people and their families
    6 : Estate Planning/Estate Administration
    7 : What is an estate? 1
    8 : Your ESTATE is the property you leave behind after you die
    9 : ESTATE PLANNING involves making choices about what you want to happen to that property
    10 : while ESTATE ADMINISTRATION is the process of managing someone’s estate after that person dies or becomes incapacitated
    11 : Estate Taxes
    12 : Do I need to worry about estate or inheritance taxes? 2
    13 : Probably not, but it’s possible
    14 : You can structure your estate to minimize any potential tax issues that might apply
    15 : Elder Abuse
    16 : Can I protect myself from someone who wants to take advantage of me when I’m older? 3
    17 : YES
    18 : You can develop a plan that will protect you and your interests
    19 : You can also speak to an elder law attorney if you suspect that you or a loved one has been victimized
    20 : Incapacity Planning
    21 : What happens if you become incapacitated? 4
    22 : An incapacity plan will address who manages your affairs when you’re not able to do so yourself
    23 : It will also allow you to express your medical wishes
    24 : Other Issues
    25 : What else is covered under elder law? 5
    26 : Age discrimination lawsuits, Medicaid planning, Medicare issues, Veterans benefits, retirement and long-term care planning, guardianships, and more are all common elder law issues that people have to deal with
    27 : Elderly and Non-Elderly Alike
    28 : Who should talk to an elder law attorney? 6
    29 : Any elderly person who has thought about the future but who hasn’t taken the time to talk to an elder law lawyer should do so as soon as possible
    30 : MANY ELDER LAW ISSUES ARE TIME-SENSITIVE, requiring you to act as soon as possible
    31 : Anyone worried about an elderly family member’s health or legal well-being should also take the time to talk to an ELDER LAW ATTORNEY

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