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    by: Riya

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    1 : Electricity Generation in India
    2 : The Need of Electricity in India The electricity sector in India had an installed capacity of 223.625 GW as of April 2013 the world's fifth largest. However, we many areas in India are still don’t receive required electricity. Since India's populace is roughly 4x the USA populace, this might imply that India might need to create no less than 24 times more power than it does today to achieve the level of power stability accessible in the USA. Here is the state wise per capita consumption of electricity in India:
    3 : Electricity Consumption in India
    4 : Let’s Us Aim To Generate More Electricity There are different modes of electricity generation such as wind, solar, coal, water and more. The electricity generation in India with energy can make a lot difference in the present scenario. We as a nation have to boost our energy resources to produce essential electricity and make the whole develop at equal speed and to be foremost on the sphere.
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