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    by: nadaf irfan

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    1 : Energy conservation Authors: - 1. Nadaf Irfan D. 2. Shaikh UmarFarooque A.H. From: - Vidya Vikas Pratishthan Polytechnic, Solapur.
    2 : INDEX
    3 : Energy Energy is a capacity of physical system to perform work Energy neither be created nor be destroyed
    4 : TYPES OF ENERGYS Thermal energy Chemical energy Electric energy Radiant energy Nuclear energy Magnetic energy Sound energy Mechanical energy Solar energy Wind enegy Tidal energy Bio-mass energy
    5 : In day to day life the maximum used energy is a electric energy
    6 : The electric energy generated by various method 1. BY using renewable energy sources and 2.By using non- renewable sources Maximally the non-retable energy sources used to produce the electric energy. these causes to pollute the atmosphere. By generation of electricity the various effect occur on the atmosphere that harmful to the human being The effects occur on atmosphere is that 1. AIE POLLUTION will occurred(GLOBELWARMINING) 2.WATER POLLUTION 3.NOICE POLLUTION 4.RADIATION EFFECT on human beings Etc.
    7 :
    8 : The maximum amount the global warming will occur on atmosphereBy burning of fuels the large amount of air pollution will occurredIt is harmful to human being.
    9 : How we can help redubs these conditionBy conserving the electricity we can reduce the danger condition How we can conserve the electricity 1.By reducing loses 2. by improving power factor Using power factor improvement devices
    10 : 3. Using less energy conception devices LED BULBS CFL BULBS
    11 : 4. Using I.S.I. mirror STAR marked electronic devices
    12 : Other waves to conserve the electricity By using RENEWABLE energy sources like... 1. Solar energy SOLAR POWER PLANT
    13 : 2. Bio-mass energy3. Wind energy
    14 : 4. Tidal energy
    15 : 5. AND also using maximum amount of DAY LIGHT also
    16 : How we can save energy in home appliances1. Switch off UN used electronic devices OFF
    17 : 2. Use maximum amount of Day light3. Use maximum renewable energy sources
    18 : And also improving the frequency of the supply system In America the frequency(60hz) of supply is greater than the Indian frequency(50hz) That’s why in India the more losses will take place In other countries the frequency(60hz) is more and the supply voltage(120volt) is less When we improve frequency the losses in transmission and distribution is becomes less and more energy is conservation take place These is not a easy but we can change the frequency stapes by stapes so one day we can minimize the some amount of losses occurred in Transmission &Distribution.
    19 : Advantages of saving the energy or electricity 1.We save the money 2.We can avoid the pollution and the dangerous global warming effect 3.We secure our world 4.The effect will occurring on human beige is avoided
    20 : 5.The investment in production of electricity is avoided 6.The network of energy transmission and distribution is minimum 7.conserve energy save our nature
    21 : In future

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