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    by: Osama

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    1 : EQUITY INVESTMENT A Practical Approach Very Basics
    2 : Planning Investment Strategy Savings Futuristic Approach Money merits your attention
    3 : Types of Investment Real Estate Business Enterprises Ornaments Financial Investments
    4 : Financial Investments Direct Investments Bank Deposit or Saving Certificates Market Based Investments Shares Bonds TFC with knowledge of ratings
    5 : Types of Financial Markets Money Market Short term deposits Interbank Transfers Forex Capital Market (Stock Exchanges etc) Shares Bonds Longer Period Investments
    6 : Stock Exchanges in Pakistan Karachi Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd Lahore Stock Exchange (Guarantee) Ltd Islamabad Stock Exchange Guarantee) Ltd
    7 : Instruments to Invest in stock Exchange Shares Bonds
    8 : SHARES What is Share? Why do Companies issue Shares? Why to invest in Shares? How can one be the Share Holder? What is Dividend? What is Capital Growth? What is Risk & Reward?
    9 : Trading System of KSE What is KATS? What is T+3 Settlement? What is Provisionally Listed Counter? What is Spot/ T+1 Transaction? What is a Future Contract? What are Odd Lot Market? What is COT and OTC Market?
    10 : Important Considerations for Making Investment in Securities Types of Investment Products Ordinary or Preference Shares Modaraba Certificates of Listed Companies Unit Trust Schemes Mutual Funds ( Open & Close) Certificates Corporate Bonds (TFC) Government Securities (FIB)
    11 : Important Considerations for Making Investment in Securities Understand your Risk Profile Do Your home work Before you Invest Think Long Term Avoid Putting All your Eggs in One Basket Taxes & Commissions (CVT & W/H Tax ) Judgment of Timings
    12 : Important Considerations for Making Investment in Securities Avoid Greed and Fear Handling of Trades Beware of Scams Keeping eye on Stock’s Performance Company Profile Changes Sector Analysis Unfair Trade Practices

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