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    by: Dr Manas Ranjan Rout

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    1 : Eustachian tube and its disorders Dr Manas
    2 : Anatomy Syn – Auditory tube, Pharyngotympanic tube Connects nasopharynx with tympanic cavity Length – 36mm in adult It runs downward forward and medially to open into nasopharynx (makes an angle 45° with the horizontal)
    3 : Divided in to two parts Posterolateral bony part (1/3 rd, 12 mm) Anteromedial fibro cartilaginous part( 2/3 rd, 24 mm) Two parts meets at the isthmus, the narrowest part of the tube.
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    5 : Tympanic end – Anterior inferior part of middle ear. Pharyngeal end – Situated 1- 1.25 cm behind the posterior end of inferior turbinate, at the lateral wall of nasopharynx. The cartilaginous elevation near this opening called torus tubarius.
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    8 : Muscles relate to eustachian tube Tensor veli palatini Levator veli palatini Salpingopharyngeus Ostmann’s pad of fat – keep the tube closed and prevent reflux of nasopharyngeal secretions.
    9 : Lining of the eustachian tube Pseudostratified ciliated columnar epithelium with goblet cells Sub mucosa rich in seromucinous glands
    10 : Nerve supply Parasympathetic and secretomotor – Tympanic branch of CN –IX Tensor veli palatini – CN V3 Levator veli palatini, Salpingopharyngeus – Pharyngeal plexus
    11 : Infant eustachian tube is wider, shorter and more horizontal, so more prone for infection.
    12 : Functions of eustachian tube Ventilation and regulation of middle ear pressure Protection against nasopharyngeal sound pressure and nasopharyngeal reflux. Middle ear secretion clearing
    13 : Eustachian tube function test Valsava test Politzer test Catheterisation Toynbee’s test Tympanometry Radiological test Sachharine or Methylene blue test Sonotubometry
    14 : Politzer Bag
    15 : Eustachian tube catheter
    16 : Tympanometry
    17 : Sonotubometry
    18 : Disorders of Eustachian tube Tubal dysfunction Retraction pocket Patulous eustachian tube
    19 : Causes of eustachian tube obstruction URTI Allergy Sinusitis Nasal polyp DNS Hypertrophic turbinate Cleft palate Down syndrome
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