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    by: Rogers

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    1 : FUNNY JOKE POLITICS How & how not to use humor in communications
    2 : Being funny can... dethrone & deflate an opponent allow you to say things you couldn’t with a straight face puncture an argument make messages much easier to pass along broadly deflect criticism, show humanity
    3 : When does it work? Rarely.
    4 : When does it not work? Often.
    5 : Why? Care too much; don’t want to make light Comedy is bad at communicating new ideas Focus is too specific; no entry point Wrong messenger Also: it’s really, really hard
    6 : How? Meet them half way Need to find a shared premise: common ground The more surprising, the funnier
    7 : Formulas for funny Ridiculing character Pushing argument to extreme Translate to human speak: sociological or psychological Connect to pop culture Juxtapose Language A with Message B
    8 : Ridiculing character
    9 : Push argument extreme
    10 : Push argument extreme
    11 : Push argument extreme
    12 : Push argument extreme
    13 : Translate to human speak
    14 : Explain with pop culture
    15 : Language A, Message B
    16 : Language A, Message B
    17 : But, really, how? Don’t go with first idea — brainstorm 10 more Commit. Context matters — find something to copy Don’t underestimate the power of swearing, kittens, and sex
    18 : You don’t have to be funny Best as a mindset, not a format Just be interesting.
    19 : Good people Andy Cobb — Lee Stranahan — Andrew Boyd — Robert Greenwald — Brave New Films

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