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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Facebook for Student Success Susan Hawkins
    2 : What is Facebook An online social networking service Allows users to contact friends, co-workers, or anyone with an account / page An Internet based communication tool A tool our students are actually using
    3 : How Many Facebook Users are There? Over 300 million active users The fastest growing demographic is those 35 years and older More than 8 billion minutes are spent on Facebook each day.
    4 : Example Facebook Page
    5 : How is Facebook used? Communication (virtual and real-time) Applications Networking
    6 : Communications Chat Box
    7 : Facebook as an Educational Tool
    8 : Facebook as an Educational Tool Groups Applications Friends
    9 : Groups as an Educational Tool Groups (Hawkins FTCC Group Members) Creates one common page for all members Allows contact with students without exposing personal information Allows messages to be displayed to all members at the same time Creates an interactive environment for both online and face to face students Is housed in a forum that students are familiar with and frequenting
    10 : Groups Communication Announcements appear on each group member / student’s home page Students can use the chat function; great for immediate answers to assignment questions
    11 : Group Page Chat Boxes
    12 : Groups Links Can post links to outside resources such as Webinars and book supplements Discussion Board Conversations can be initiated concerning a variety of current topics students can participate regardless of their class.
    13 : Link and Discussion Page Link Page Events Page
    14 : Applications as an Educational Tool Applications These provide opportunities for students to use skills which enhance their understanding of classroom theories. These also provide an engaging environment for students, which can mask the learning process
    15 : Educational? They encourage thinking Cause students to put into practice what they have learned Helps them create strategies Helps in scheduling and time management
    16 : As a Class Project Farmville Students had to create a farm of their own They had to “work” on the farm for the semester A grade is given to students based on the experience point level they achieve. The more effort the student contributes the higher the grade
    17 : FARMVILLE
    18 : How does Farmville Work Students have to plant crops with different maturity rates and different payouts They have to determine which maturity times they can work with and which one of these has the greatest payoff. They also have to consider the initial costs associated with planting each crop.
    19 : Combining These Requiring this type of “game” in the classroom encourages student to gain computer skills without being intimidated It also encourages logging in to Facebook which allows better communication Allows the student to belong to a virtual community, which actually aids in student retention.
    20 : Web Tutorials for Facebook How to Start a Facebook Page: Profile How to Start a Facebook Group: New- Facebook-Group Online PowerPoint Presentation Location: WNzKqqlJGsTZGZwOTRkZ2RfMzE0OXc2dnJ0Z mI&hl=en

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