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    by: Adesina Funmi

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    1 : FAMILY HEALTH 2 (Nutrition) OBJECTIVES: Identifying food types Grouping food into classes based on nutritional values (nutrients) Explaining the meaning of ADEQUATE DIET Planning an adequate diet for a home.
    2 : What is FOOD? Any substance taken into the body of an organism to provide energy, repair or preservation of health. Are alcohol, cigar and drugs foods?
    3 : CLASSIFYING FOOD using; Nature Location State of matter How eaten Can you suggest 6 foods and classify them using the above bases?
    4 : Classification contd. Bases include (1) chemical composition and (2) nutrients contained. CLASS ACTIVITY Make a table as shown next and complete the gaps
    5 : Fill in the gaps.
    6 : ADEQUATE DIET When is a diet said to be adequate? Give your view.
    7 : TEST JS 1S What is science? Mention 4 branches of science List, in order, any 5 steps of the scientific method Mention 5 ways of ensuring personal cleanliness (a) What is food? (b) State the function of Roughages Vitamins
    8 : THANKS ! GOOD BYE.

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