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    by: Amanda Powers

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    1 : Florida Criminal Offenses Understanding the Charges and Penalties
    2 : Being Accused of A CRIME
    3 : Being charged with a criminal offense is a frightening experience
    4 : Only your attorney can answer specific questions regarding your charges, your defense, and the likely outcome of your case
    5 : But there is a wealth of general information that may help you feel more informed, empowered, and ultimately less frightened
    6 : Felonies, Misdemeanors AND TRAFFIC OFFENSES
    7 : Felony – most serious offense with harshest penalties”
    8 : Misdemeanors – less serious crimes with lessor penalties Felony – most serious offense with harshest penalties”
    9 : Traffic offenses --- can be civil infraction or criminal offense
    10 : Misdemeanor PENALTIES
    11 : Misdemeanor further sub-divided by degrees – FIRST AND SECOND DEGREE
    12 : First degree misdemeanor punishable by up to a year in county jail a
    13 : Second degree misdemeanor punishable by up to 60 days in jail b
    14 : Additional fine of from $500-$1000 c
    15 : Probation
    16 : Probation may be in addition to, or in lieu of, incarceration for a misdemeanor and some felonies Judge may sentence you and then suspend the sentence Probation term during length of suspended sentence
    17 : Misdemeanor DUI Violating PROBATION
    18 : Judge determines conditions of sentence and probation A violation of probation terms could cause you to return to court Judge could revoke your probation and sentence you to jail, or order you to serve all, or part, of a suspended sentence
    19 : Felony SUB-CATEGORIES
    20 : Death felonies Life felonies
    21 : First degree felonies Second degree felonies Third degree felonies
    22 : Death and LIFE FELONIES
    23 : Death felonies, or Capital felonies, are punishable by the DEATH PENALTY
    24 : Life felonies are punishable by life in prison and up to a $15,000 fine
    25 : Felony PENALTIES
    26 : First degree felony – up to 30 years in prison, sometimes life, and up to a $10,000 fine Second degree felony – up to 15 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine Third degree felony – up to five years in prison and up to a $5,000 fine
    27 : Mandatory Minimum Sentencing
    28 : Florida is known for harsh mandatory minimum sentencing laws Usually apply to violent or egregious crimes
    29 : Drug crimes and crimes involving a weapon are examples Even lessor crimes can have a mandatory minimum sentence (2nd time DUI may require 10 days in jail)
    30 : Common Factors that AFFECT YOUR SENTENCE
    31 :
    32 :
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    34 : Want to Know More About Florida Domestic Violence Laws? Want to Know More About Florida Criminal Offenses?
    35 : Content provided by Best Legal Practices

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