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    by: Rogers

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    1 : Food Safety Training Environmental Health and Safety Dept. San Diego State University Location: CSL 106 Phone: 594-2865 or 594-6965 Fax: 594-2854 Website:
    2 : Introduction People may potentially suffer from food poisoning or food-borne illness from contaminated food. Therefore, all food/beverages, food contact surfaces and utensils must be protected at all times from unnecessary handling and shall be stored, displayed and served so as to be protected from contamination.
    3 : Topics Covered Food Policy Intradepartmental Food Events Community Departmental Food Events Types of Food/Beverages Food Service Safety Requirements Food Transport/Storage/Prep/Display/Service Food Handler Hygiene Storage/Prep/Cooking Area Refuse
    4 : Campus Food/Beverages Policy Aztec Shops has first right of refusal for all events that involve food and beverages prepared or purchased from any off-campus source and requires their signature approval waiving their rights. Environmental Health and Safety Department requires review and signature approval of perishable food and beverages served, sold or distributed from any off-campus source associated with all events on campus that are open to the public.
    5 : Intradepartmental Food Event Private event closed to the public Usually consisting of one department/office Examples Birthday celebrations, potluck parties, Weekly or monthly meetings with food
    6 : Intradepartmental Food Event No EH&S involvement No permits No required notification No requirement for approved catering/delivery services
    7 : Community Departmental Food Events Large event involving more than one office Under CURFFL considered private entity Exempt from Food Facility requirements Occasional Event status Only three (3) events in a 90 day period Event can be: Catered from either Aztec Shops or permit approved restaurant/catering service Prepared on sight by Department
    8 : Community Departmental Food Events No homemade food/beverages allowed - food/beverages must be prepared in a permitted food establishment or on-site at the approved location AS or CSI might request permit if using public space for event such as Montezuma Hall EH&S issues permit if safety training for department is complete
    9 : Non-perishable Food Items (prepackaged) Canned soda Boxed juice Bottled water Chips Pretzels Trail mix Granola bars Crackers Candy
    10 : Perishable Food Items Meat (hamburgers, hot dogs, hot links, carne asada, deli meat, etc.) Poultry (chicken) Fish Dairy (crème-filled items, yogurt, milk, cheese, ice cream, etc.) Eggs (egg salad, deviled eggs, etc.) Fruits Rice Pizza Egg rolls/Lumpia Empanadas
    11 : FOOD TRANSPORTATION/ STORAGE/PREPARATION/DISPLAY All food/beverage preparation must be done on-site; no preparation done at home. Adequate hot and cold holding equipment shall be used to ensure proper temperature control during transport and operation. All potentially hazardous food/beverages or its ingredients, such as dairy or meat products, shall be held below 45F or above 135F at all times. Use a thermometer to check the temperature of perishable hot and cold food (clean thermometer before and after checking each food item).
    13 : FOOD TRANSPORTATION/ STORAGE/PREPARATION/DISPLAY Protect/cover food from possible contamination. Food shall be handled with gloves and food service utensils. Raw meat products shall be stored in a separate ice chest. Ice used in food and beverages shall be protected from contamination and shall be maintained separate from ice used for refrigeration purposes. Use a separate cutting board and knife for raw meat products.
    15 : FOOD TRANSPORTATION/ STORAGE/PREPARATION/DISPLAY Extra food handling and cooking utensils must be kept on hand. Only disposable eating utensils and drinking cups may be used. Sodas or punch must be served from original containers or approved dispensing equipment. All food/beverages, food containers, utensils and paper products must be kept at least 6 inches off the ground and protected from contamination. Condiments shall be protected from contamination and be prepackaged in single service packages for customer self-service or available only from approved dispensing devices (pump, squeeze, self closing).
    16 : Food Handler Hygiene Anyone foodhandler who is suffering from a respiratory, intestinal or skin infection is not allowed to prepare, package, or sell food. Individuals with uncovered cuts or burns must not prepare, handle or serve food/beverages. Bandages on hands must be covered with gloves. Individuals preparing or handling food shall wear clean clothing and shall keep their hands clean at all times. Personal effects must be stored in a separate area from food preparation and storage. Handwashing Station required within 200 ft of cooking area, except when all food/beverages are prepackaged. Includes: water in container with spigot or dispensing valve, catch bucket, soap from a dispenser, paper towels.
    17 : Hand Washing Station
    18 : FOOD PREPARATION/ COOKING/SERVICE AREA The following cooking methods are acceptable on campus: liquid propane gas appliances; electric appliances; propane barbecues or charcoal barbecues.
    19 : FOOD PREPARATION/ COOKING/SERVICE AREA Utensils and equipment used for the BBQ must be made of non-toxic materials, constructed and maintained clean and in good repair. Grill must be placed on a liner. Department shall dispose of used coal.
    20 : FOOD PREPARATION/ COOKING/SERVICE AREA Each grill shall have a class ”ABC” fire extinguisher within 10 feet of the flames Fire Extinguisher shall be provided by the department
    21 : FOOD PREPARATION/ COOKING/SERVICE AREA Smoking is prohibited within 20 feet of any food preparation or service area. Live animals may not be kept or allowed within 20 feet where food/beverages are prepared or stored. BBQ Set-up Liner 10ft from Combustible Material ABC Fire Extinguisher No low hanging branches or overhang near BBQ grill
    22 : Refuse Dispose of trash in a sanitary manner as frequently as necessary. Refuse containers, lined with plastic trash bags, are required. Area must be kept clean at all times and left in clean condition at the end of each day’s activity or event. Have a broom, dust pan and paper towels or napkins available on site for cleanup of debris/spills.
    23 : On-site Preparation Requirements for Certain Food/Beverages Fruit or Vegetables Training: Cut on-site wearing gloves; use clean knife/cutting board; provide food handling utensils for store bought platters; keep covered. Baked Goods (Bagels, Muffins, Cookies, Cupcakes, Brownies, etc.) unless crème-filled Training: Individually wrap on-site wearing gloves; keep unwrapped baked goods covered and provide food handling utensils or napkin/pick-up tissue; keep cream cheese cold; no homemade baked goods allowed. Powdered or mixed drinks Training: Use bottled water, store bought ice, gloves and approved dispenser (no open pitchers). Coffee/Iced Coffee Training: Use bottled water, store bought ice, gloves and approved dispenser (no open pitchers); use non-dairy creamer or keep creamer cold; use single service packages sugar/creamer, disposable cups, spoons/stirrers and straws; follow electrical safety requirements.
    24 : On-site Preparation Requirements for Certain Food/Beverages Hot Chocolate Training: Use bottled water, gloves and approved dispenser (no open pitchers); use single service packages sugar/chocolate, disposable cups, spoons/stirrers; follow electrical safety requirements. Snowcones Training: Use store bought ice, gloves, approved dispenser and secondary container for syrup; follow electrical safety requirements. Smoothies Training: Use store bought ice, gloves, approved dispenser, frozen or fresh fruit (see Fruit above) and juice/sugar as packaged; keep milk/ice cream cold; follow electrical safety requirements. Nacho Chips Procedures: Wear gloves and use utensils; provide serving utensils for condiments, or must be served by foodhandlers; if cheese or meat is included, follow perishable food requirements
    25 : Contacts Questions? Call EHS at 619-594-2865 or 619-594-6965. Chemistry Sciences Laboratory Bldg., Rm. 106, MC 1243, FAX x42854

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