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    by: Mani

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    1 : Food World Forerunner of Organised Food Retailing in India
    2 : History of RPG Group Started in the Year 1820 – Mr. Ramdutta Goenka along with Family members Successful overtake by Keshav Prasad Goenka Succession was followed by RPG He was with group from the year 1979 to 1990 His succession was overtook by his sons Hash Goenka and Sanjiv Goenka
    3 : RPG as a Takeover Specialist CEAT Tires in 1981 KEC in 1982 Searle India in 1983 HMV in 1988 CESC, Harrison’s Malayalam, Spencer’s & Co and ICIM in 1989
    4 : Key Competitors Pantaloons Nilgiri’s Franchise Pvt Ltd. Aditya Birla Group Subiksha Trading Services Pvt Ltd Reliance Industries
    5 : SWOT Analysis Seller Market Vs Buyer Market Food World was Successful finding opportunity in this segment Brand Identity and Image were the opportunities through concept of “Value for Money”. Social Network Theory Nodes as Individual Actors and Ties as Relationship Between Actors
    6 : Joint Venture RPG with DFI in Aug 1999 Food World Supermarket Ltd(FSL) By 2000 , 38 FW Stores in India with 14 and 12 Health and Glow stores Planned to Setup Great Wholesale club Ltd(GWC) for which DFI was not allowed due to regulations of FDI. RPG opened GWC under the banner of GIANT as a subsidiary of Spencer.
    7 : Rivalry Begins Breaching the contract RPG opened new format and controversy of trademark was started in year 2003. In 2004, Ajith Mayor withdrawn from case by selling trademark to DFI. After resolving Issues Giant was renamed as Spencer In 2005, DFI and RPG relations were broken and equity was divided according to agreement
    8 : RPG Hyper over Spencer’s Hyper Market HQ was shifted from Chennai to Kolkata Organizational Positions were redefined. New format concentration was given to age group 20-45 rather as before to 50 Non Music retail came as New formats.
    9 : DFI and Food World DFI no intention of Leaving Indian Market Found difficult to get Partner In 2006 found Arko Ltd and Bestow Contractors and Developers Private Ltd. During May 2007 DFI launched ‘Gourmet’ in Bangalore. Target was set up as to open 200 Stores by 2009 where it was not completely successful
    10 : SWOT Analysis of FSL Strengths Family Business for almost century Aware of Indian Customer needs Concept of’ Value for Money’ Weakness Heavy Competition from Rivalries Break Up with DFI
    11 : Opportunities Brand Image Brand Identity Giant store format Threats - Trend Strategies in Store formats ex:- Hyper, Super Hyper Market
    12 : Let us Wait for Future Joint Ventures Both from DFI and RPG

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