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    Add as Friend Fun and Humor

    by: Rogers

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    1 : Humor: Not Just a Laughing Matter! Susan Flewelling Goran RN, MSN
    2 : Definitions of Humor ‘Fun that’s funny’ ‘the sensation of feeling good all over but showing it in just one place’ ‘Jogging of the internal organs’ ‘any communication which is perceived by any of the interacting parties as humorous and leads to laughing, smiling, and a feeling of amusement’ “emotional chaos remembered in tranquility”
    3 : Interrelationships of Wit, Mirth, & Laughter
    4 : Interrelationships…Wit Wit as a thought-oriented experience Changes cognitive process, appreciate, or think Changes the thought pathway to other thinking patterns and perspectives A joke guides us down 1 path only to be tricked to an alternative path (the punch line) Reduces negative thinking “trainwrecks of the mind” N. Cousins
    5 : Interrelationships…Mirth Mirth…the emotional response (joy) During the emotional sensation of mirth, negative feelings, at least temporarily, are eliminated Mirth provides pleasure, happiness, etc. Mirth without cognitive or physiological reaction: ‘silly behavior’ or children
    6 : Interrelationships…Laughter The physiological experience… Can experience laughter without wit or mirth… spontaneous laughter or laughter contagion Round, Warm, Vulnerable, Bearer of life, Holder of truth, Laughter releases her greatest wisdom and all pain and sorrow is transmuted to Joy. Baubo Greek Goddess of Belly Laughter
    7 : For your health… Train yourself to appreciate (cognitive), feel (mirth), and physically experience (laugh) .
    8 : Therapeutic Physical Effects of Humor
    9 : Therapeutic Physical Effects of Humor Decreased heart rate Decreased blood pressure Increased vascular blood flow
    10 : Therapeutic Physical Effects of Humor May lead to hiccuping and coughing, which clears the respiratory tract by dislodging mucous plugs Decreases pulmonary dead space Increased oxygenation Exercises the diaphragm The Lungs
    11 : Therapeutic Physical Effects of Humor Stress hormones suppress immune system, increase platelets and raise BP Laughing: Increased natural killer cells Increase disease-fighting protein Increased immune response B-cells (make antibodies)
    12 : Therapeutic Physical Effects of Humor Laughing 100 times is equal to 10 minutes on the rowing maching or 15 minutes on an exercise bike
    13 : Therapeutic Physical Effects of Humor Increased memory Increased endorphins (natural opiate) for pain relief
    14 : Therapeutic Social Functions of Humor Encourage trust Encourages friendship Decreases fear, anxiety, & embarrassment
    15 : Why Now??
    16 :
    17 : Time of Transition
    18 : Humor in the Workplace 15-20% of workers are fired because of lack of competence. 80% are terminated because of their inability to get along with fellow employees Robert Taft International
    19 : Better Business! Humor Facilitates Communication Non-threatening medium which allows communication with others without intensifying the emotional temperature of the relationship
    20 : Better Business! Humor Builds Relationships: Development of staff cohesion Sense of team effort
    21 : Better Business! Humor Reduces Stress $150 Billion/Year 60-90% of all visits to physician are related to stress 60% of absenteeism 20 % of the payroll of a typical company goes toward dealing with stress-related problems
    22 : Humor provides Perspective Provides an opportunity to redefine context ‘Oils the gears of the workplace’
    23 : Better Business! Command attention Energizes (increases norepinephrine uptake in the brain) Improved memory
    24 : Humor Rules for the Workplace Don’t make jokes about coworkers’ sexuality Don’t make jokes about people’s appearance. Avoid jokes about religion, ethnic background, nationality, sexual orientation, etc. Avoid jokes about bodily functions
    25 : What Can We Do? Acts involving some sort of surprise and/or exaggeration that make people feel good: Jokes Unexpected compliment Encouraging email Mystery prizes
    26 : If we tell a joke… Make it about yourself: your flaws, neuroses and inadequacies About the situation you face together… Personal characteristics in areas of low ego-involvement (handwriting)
    27 : Bringing Laughter to Your Workplace
    28 : Strategies to Improve Humor
    29 : Strategies to Improve Humor Humor bulletin board Using props Collections (funny bumper stickers; pencils) Start slow….
    30 : Look with New Eyes
    31 :
    32 : Surround yourself with People who make you Laugh!!
    33 : Be Silly….Play
    34 :
    35 : To the Tune of ‘Row..Row..Row Your Boat’ Laugh…laugh…laugh out loud Each and every day Chuckling…chuckling…chuckling… chuckling Health is on the way!

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