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    1 : Irrigation Water Management
    2 : Irrigation Water Management Irrigation Water Management is the process of determining and controlling the volume, frequency, and application rate of irrigation water in a planned, efficient manner.
    3 : Irrigation Water Management Why is Irrigation Water Management Important? Manage soil moisture to promote desired crop response. Optimize the use of available water supplies. Minimize irrigation induced erosion. Decrease non-point source pollution of surface and groundwater resources. Manage salts in the crop root zone. Manage air, soil or plant micro-climate.
    4 : Irrigation Water Management Minimum Documentation: Crops to be Grown, Cropping Sequence and Soils Information. Volume of Water Needed per Irrigation and for the season. Application rate of irrigation water. Records Showing Date and Amount of Water Applied. Include type of irrigation scheduling technique used by the client. Evaluation of the Irrigation System Environmental Considerations
    5 : Irrigation Water Management Determining Volume of Water Needed
    6 : Irrigation Water Management Irrigation Scheduling Important factors to keep in mind when developing a irrigation scheduling tool for a client: The scheduling tool must consider information about the crop, soil, climate, irrigation system, water deliveries and management objectives. An irrigation scheduling tool needs only be accurate enough to determine how much water to apply and when. A good rule of thumb to follow when developing an irrigation scheduling tool is to keep it simple and easy for the client to understand.
    7 : Irrigation Water Management Irrigation System Evaluation
    8 : Irrigation Water Management Irrigation System Evaluation There are 3 levels of Irrigation System Evaluations: Simplified – This type of evaluation provides enough information to the landowner/operator to make management and operation decisions. This evaluation usually takes a few hours to complete. Abbreviated – This type of evaluation provides enough information for the landowner/operator to make management and operation decisions plus identify any problems with the system. This evaluation takes a half to full day to complete. Detailed – This type of evaluation provides the landowner/ operator with a report and a comprehensive irrigation system operation and maintenance plan. This evaluation can take up to one to five days to complete.

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